Jasper Engines and Transmissions is no longer involved in selling or marketing natural gas or propane conversions and parts.

If you are interested in a conversion system, please contact ICOM at 248-573-4935 for more information.

JASPER continues, however, to remanufacture engines for many propane and natural gas applications. Please consult our online catalog or call us at 800-827-7455 for more information.
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At JASPER we realize that our products must meet the needs of a diverse audience. We must also meet our nation’s needs to conserve our natural resources and provide for a cleaner environment. Through remanufacturing, we are able to recycle existing drivetrain products and give them new life and usefulness. Our alternative fuel related division and alternative fuel engines take this philosophy one step further as we work to combine power and energy needs with cleaner burning fuels. We truly are a "Green Company".

Clean Air for Tomorrow Through the Technology of Today.

JASPER Alternate Fuels, a division of JASPER Engines & Transmissions, offers complete conversion packages - from alternative fuel engines to all the accessories necessary for the conversion to CNG or propane fuels. Engines are remanufactured and re-engineered to provide excellent performance and reliability when converted to alternative fuel engine applications.

Our alternative fuel engines built to gaseous prepped specifications can run on LP, CNG, methane and even digester gasses.

ICOM JTG Liquid Propane Injection System

Jasper Alternate Fuels is pleased to announce that we have been named a National Master Distributor of the JTG Liquid Propane Injection System manufactured by ICOM. JASPER is proud to be associated with a company like ICOM, which has over 100,000 vehicles running on the patented ICOM JTG system worldwide and over 5000 vehicles in the U.S..

JASPER & ICOM are targeting popular fleet engines for Bifuel EPA and CARB certifications in their marketing efforts. Jasper Alternate Fuels has over 40 highly trained installation centers across the U.S. to perform both LPG and CNG conversions on vehicles.

Bigas International AutoGas System

Jasper Engines & Transmissions is proud to be the exclusive U.S. distributor of the Bigas International AutoGas System product line. The Bigas line includes both propane and CNG conversions. Bigas has been serving the alternative fuel industry for over 40 years. Bigas designs and manufactures its complete product line in-house, which allows them to maintain the highest quality standards and assure the availability of their products.

JASPER offers a wide variety of gaseous prepped engines

JASPER alternative fuels optimized engines & specialty parts catalog

Introducing our remanufactured 5.9L LPG/CNG Cummins engine

4x4 Rock Crawler Propane Conversion Kits

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JASPER sells its products through a Dealer network of qualified installers. Once you find your price, please contact your automotive technician for more information about the installation. If you do not already work with an installer or technician, JASPER can help find someone for you through our installer locator page. Simply click on the "Find an Installer" icon to find a listing of some of the installers in your area.