A New Quick and Easy Way to Schedule a Core Pick-up!

The Customer Installation Instructions packaged with each JASPER Product
will include a QR Code which links to the JASPER Core Pick-up Page.

Moving forward, June 1st, 2016 and after, all JASPER Products being produced will include a Core Pick-up QR Code at the lower right folded corner of the Customer Installation Instructions. To use this convenient new service, all you will need is a smartphone or tablet with a QR Code Reader App (which can be downloaded for free from most App Stores). Simply open a QR Code Reader App, scan the Core Pick-up QR Code, enter the Production Number located at the lower left folded corner of the Customer Installation Instructions, enter your zip code and tap the Request Pickup button. You're done! It's just that easy. Customers will also still be able to schedule a core pick-up without the QR Code on the JASPER website or by phone. This QR Code is just another way JASPER can add convenience to you and your busy schedule.

Note: Units already in inventory at our distribution centers and branches will not include this code.



Interns Connect with JASPER

Connect with JASPER, a comprehensive internship program, was started three years ago as an attempt to "connect" with current college students by giving them a well-rounded internship over the summer months. So what does this mean? If we want to attain our goal of being the "Employer of Choice", we must educate our youth on the opportunities available at JASPER. If a college student doesn't realize what job opportunities are available, what's to keep them from going elsewhere?

This program is an 11 week internship that gives 8 college students the chance to learn about remanufacturing, gain valuable lean tools, learn a wide array of life skills and get a chance to create a community service project. All of this is intended to shape our youth by giving them the knowledge they need to succeed in business and more importantly, LIFE.

Connect with JASPER begins with a week in our DOJO Training Center focusing on the history of Jasper Engines & Transmissions, our culture and hands-on skills necessary in remanufacturing.

The team then commence upon a 10 week journey that has them learning and applying workshop principles. These include: creating standards, eliminating hard work, designing intuitive work spaces and leaving the Team Leader of the area doable work.

Along with these tools the team gets a chance to learn very important life skills, such as: how to set up a loan, service a vehicle, save for retirement and what benefits really mean. We also challenge them with a book review and pair them up with a mentor from an area that relates to their current studies.

If that isn't enough, they get to learn about philanthropy and decide on a community service project they can work on together as a team. We have had 14 interns graduate from this program and several have decided to return to JASPER. The next group of interns will actually be led by a former team member. It is our hope that we can continue to grow this program as we move forward into the future!




Automotive Trivia 5/20/16

Friddle: What does the automotive related acronym NGK stand for?
Check our blog next Friday for the answer and another Friddle.
Last Week’s Friddle: Since 2004, which automotive brand has manufactured
and marketed the LaCrosse?

Last Week’s Friddle Answer: Buick
Last Week’s Friddle Contest Winner: Amanda M. – Charleston, TN



Automotive Trivia 5/13/16

Friddle: Since 2004, which automotive brand has manufactured and marketed
the LaCrosse?

Check our blog next Friday for the answer and another Friddle.
Last Week’s Friddle: What model year did Porsche discontinue the 930?
Last Week’s Friddle Answer: 1989
Last Week’s Friddle Contest Winner: To Be Announced




'72 Nova SS Receives New Life After Autocross Event

Chris Rhinehart and his JASPER-Powered '72 Nova SS

Ridetech, a well known Jasper-based high performance auto supplier, hosted a brand
new street car event appropriately named Road Trip-Cars and Cones 2016. Around one
hundred thirteen drivers registered for the event which featured four autocross events in
five days with a scenic cruise route which wound through North Carolina, Tennessee and
Kentucky, ending with a dinner and after party at Ridetech's facility here in Jasper, Indiana.

Chris Rhinehart, an event participant, from Frederick Maryland, experienced engine trouble
near Bowling Green, Kentucky. Rather than have his Nova towed all the way back home,
Chris decided to have it towed to the Ridetech facility and purchase a JASPER engine. Chris
contacted Jasper Engines & Transmissions and spoke with veteran Authentic/Performance
Sales Rep. Larry Salmon, who discussed Chris' options and arranged the delivery of a JASPER
Class-1 Chevrolet 350 engine on Friday.

Saturday morning at 7AM, Chris and three of his buddies began the engine exchange and
and by two o'clock in the afternoon the Nova was purring and as good as new. Chris
ended his weekend on a happy note with a smooth 800 mile cruise back to Maryland. We
would like to thank Chris for his engine purchase and hope he enjoys his JASPER-Powered
Nova at many more autocross events!



Automotive Trivia 5/06/16

Friddle: What model year did Porsche discontinue the 930?
Check our blog next Friday for the answer and another Friddle.
Last Week’s Friddle: What does the automotive-related acronym TPS
stand for?

Last Week’s Friddle Answer: Throttle Position Sensor
Last Week’s Friddle Contest Winner: No Winner



Family Service Day Webinar Scheduled for Thursday 5/05/16

Does Your Brand Need a Competitive Edge?

“Family Service Day is a shining example of a company that is changing the face of the automotive industry”. – Ratchet + Wrench Magazine

JASPER is pleased to partner with Family Service Day–Keeping Cars Kickin’, an award-winning cause marketing program that helps independent repair shops stay competitive while increasing the safety and reliability of transportation for families in need of a hand up.

Family Service Day events are a unique way for shop owners and employees to get involved in supporting the local community. Participation will help you:

    •  Create a compelling brand story
    •  Attract and retain customers
    •  Differentiate your business from the competition
CLICK HERE to register for the Family Service Day–Keeping Cars Kickin’ Webinar on Thursday May 5, 2016  3:30 PM - 4:30 PM EDT.
CLICK HERE for a video preview.
CLICK HERE to learn more, or to become a Family Service Day service provider.



Carl Edwards Takes Second Consecutive Win with his JASPER 4-Speed

Carl Edwards, running a JASPER 4-Speed Transmission, took the checkered flag for the second week in a row in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. Kyle Busch finished second. Seven of the nine drivers running JASPER 4-Speed Transmissions finished in the Top-10 at Richmond this weekend.

A recap of finishes from this past weekend's races at Richmond International Raceway follows.

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series - Toyota Owners 400 - Richmond International Raceway

1st     Carl Edwards #19 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission) 
2nd    Kyle Busch #18 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
5th     Kevin Harvick #4 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
6th     Denny Hamlin
 #11 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission) 
7th     Matt Kenseth #20 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
9th     Martin Truex, Jr. #78 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)      
10th   Kurt Busch #41 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission) 
19th   Tony Stewart #14 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission) 
24th   Danica Patrick #10 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)

NASCAR Xfinity Series - ToyotaCare 250 - Richmond International Raceway

4th     Daniel Suarez #19 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission
33rd   Matt Tifft #18 (JASPER 
4-Speed Transmission
34th   Erik Jones #20 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Standings

1st     Carl Edwards #19 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission) 
2nd    Kevin Harvick #4 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
4th     Kyle Busch #18 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
6th     Kurt Busch #41 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
8th     Denny Hamlin #11
 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission) 
10th   Martin Truex, Jr. #78
 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission) 
15th   Matt Kenseth #20 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)      
25th   Danica Patrick #10 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
40th   Tony Stewart #14 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)



Automotive Trivia 4/29/16

Friddle: What does the automotive-related acronym TPS stand for?
Check our blog next Friday for the answer and another Friddle.
Last Week’s Friddle: Which Japanese automotive brand manufactures the
Forester compact crossover?

Last Week’s Friddle Answer: Subaru
Last Week’s Friddle Contest Winner: David C. – Bedford, IN



Talking Shop in a Sea of Subarus

Frank the Owner of Lioe's Automotive Service and I discussing Subaru engine updates and building processes at his shop in Seattle, WA.

This week I had a unique opportunity to go on the road with some of our fine Sales Representatives throughout the upper Northwest. Hello everyone, my name is Jason Hulsman and I work in the Marketing Division for JASPER at the corporate office in Jasper, Indiana. We recently released the JASPER remanufactured Subaru 2.5L SOHC engine and I was fortunate enough to ride along with our Reps to promote it in quite possibly the largest market for this engine in the United States.

JASPER performs a long list of updates on the Subaru 2.5L, including: stronger redesigned pistons with improved oil drainback, updated Multi-layer Steel (MLS) head gaskets, improved head and block finishes, better block sealants and sealing processes, torque-plate honed cylinders, nitrided valves, a new oil pump and much more.

Our engineers developed a submersion pressure test to ensure this engine is free of oil leaks, click "here" to view the video. JASPER Technicians also live-run test each engine and perform an additional black light leak inspection. The JASPER remanufactured Subaru 2.5L SOHC engine is backed by a 3 Year/100,000 Mile Nationwide Warranty (full warranty disclosure is available on our website). To learn more about the Subaru 2.5L SOHC engine ask your local Sales Representative for a presentation, or give us a call at 800-827-7455.