Radiators for gas engines supplied by JASPER are designed to fit your application and provide for an easy installation. They are backed with JASPER's 100,000 mile/3 year nationwide warranty - parts and labor! JASPER supplied radiators provide long-lasting performance and efficiency and are designed for your vehicle's specific cooling needs. Radiators are manufactured using the latest techniques and quality materials. You can count on your radiator for a perfect-fit installation without the need for modification.

Radiators: Transmission Coolers

A major cause of transmission failure is contamination. Would you believe a particle as small as a hair can lead to transmission failure? It can. A human hair is only 30-35 microns in diameter, while the smallest particles most transmission filters will remove are 60 microns in diameter. Small contaminants, not removed by the filter, remain suspended in the fluid until they eventually find their way to the internal components of the transmission. If transmission failure does occur, a significant amount of contaminant will collect in the cooler. With the installation of a JASPER remanufactured transmission, it is imperative that a clean supply of transmission fluid is supplied to the new unit.

Radiator and Transmission Cooler Flyer

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