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What It Means To Be An Associate

"Here at JASPER, anyone can perform any job if they want to learn it. Our company doesn’t limit any opportunity and I haven’t run into anyone who wasn’t willing to answer my questions or support me. I truly believe that any opportunity, at any level, is open to me. I also think JASPER is unique in that our leadership team knows everyone by name and truly cares about us like family."

Shari Gress
Division Manager,
Production Support
10 Year Associate

"I knew very little about engines or transmissions before starting with JASPER. It didn’t matter! The training staff supported me as long as I needed. They were very patient and made certain I was ready before I was “signed off” on my position. I tell people who are unsure about applying that it’s not hard, physically demanding labor. Anyone can do this work because that’s how the jobs are designed. I am planning on a long, happy career with JASPER!"

Jillian Zehr
Transmission Division,
6 Year Associate

"Before coming to work at JASPER, my perception was that you had to be a 'gear head' to work here. I have learned that through our “promote from within” mindset we are able to find the right fit for our Associates and create long-term career opportunities. By investing a great deal of effort into training and continuous improvement, we ensure that there are infinite possibilities for our people. I am very proud of the performance of the JASPER ESOP through strategic growth and acquisitions during my tenure at JASPER."

Kyle Lueken
Manager, Jasper Innovative Solutions (JIS),
9 Year Associate