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Adopt - A - Street

Jasper Endows Today and Tomorrow (JETT) is our in house philanthropic organization made up exclusively of JASPER Associate-Owners. Each member provides their time, talent and resources to support various worthy causes within our communities, both locally and nationwide. This past Saturday JETT members participated in a community wide trash pickup. Specifically tidying up the street JETT has adopted, Clay Street to Wernsing Road. We adopted this street as a part of the City of Jasper’s “Adopt – A – Street” program, a subsequent program to the state of Indiana’s “Adopt – A – Highway” initiative. Adoption is open to organizations, individuals and or groups interested in helping to keep the community beatified while also helping the environment.
The City of Jasper coordinates safety training, vests, road work signs and trash bags to help get the job done, while local community organizations, like JETT, provides the manpower. In return for the assistance, the City of Jasper places a permanent sign recognizing the organization, individuals or groups that assist in keeping the city clean as a thank you for their help.
We are proud not only to have adopted a street within our community, but to also have great Associate – Owners to keep it clean!