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Compression Testing Available for JASPER Diesel Complete Engines

Jasper Engines & Transmissions has begun the process of compression testing the Complete diesel engine. This process was developed to improve the quality of our product and is a test currently performed on our Running Complete engine formats. Depending on the application, a JASPER Complete diesel engine primarily includes the block, head, crank, cam, rods, valve train, oil pump, oil pan & pickup tube, oil filter, oil cooler, inner & outer gear covers and finishing gaskets. As the Complete engine is spin tested, a compression gauge is inserted through the glow plug hole of an individual cylinder. Compression data of that cylinder is recorded. The Associate repeats the process with each of the engine's remaining cylinders. "On a diesel engine, one of the biggest issues is immediate start-up failure within the first 90 days, such as an oil leak, a misfire or a rough-running application," says Ryan Dooley, JASPER Diesel Division Manager. "By performing the compression test, JASPER can pinpoint if the engine has a weak cylinder, requires a rocker adjustment or has a valve seating issue. "It's increased the overall time it takes to remanufacture that engine, but when it's finished, we know it's providing the best product for the customer at the best price." For more information on the remanufactured diesel engines of Jasper Engines & Transmissions, please call 1-800-827-7455.