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Elbow Room for the Growing Gas Engine Division

The task of preparing and renovating production space continues for the Gas Engine Division within the Wernsing Road remanufacturing facility. This space was recently vacated by the Transmission Division when they moved into their new home at Power Drive. Plans call for five gas engine remanufacturing PODS. Three of the PODs will be set up in this new area. The other two PODs will stay in their current locations, but reconfigured to take advantage of the newly opened space. These renovations are scheduled for completion in June of 2016. "The new layouts will have an open aisleway between each set of PODs, from which materials can flow in and out, and will give Associates much more room to operate within their respective production areas," said Matt Weinzapfel, JASPER Vice President of Engine Remanufacturing. "We really have a great opportunity to implement all of the best practices we have learned through our own process improvement activities and benchmarking of other top-notch manufacturing organizations."