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Fundraiser is a Sweet Success

2014 Pie in the Eye












Thumbs up from third-place contestant Sara Schmidt

Today marked the finale of the Jasper Engines Team #77's sixth annual Pie in the Eye fundraiser. As in the past, this event took place at high noon in the Jasper facility's north parking lot. JASPER Associates paid a quarter per vote to see their favorite three of twelve participants get a "pie in the eye." For the second year in a row, the Indiana Tool and Die division provided the number one pick.

Chris Hochgesang was voted as this year's grand champion, followed by Michael Lamkin of the Sales Department and rounding out third was Sara Schmidt, the Transmission Division Manager. There was even an independent competition within the fundraiser between Maria Ramirez and Josh Budd for a forth pie. This two-week event raised a grand total of $1,674 for the Dubois County Relay for Life, a good start for their $15,000 goal. Thanks to all who participated and donated to this worthy cause.