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Grow Your Business with JASPER Co-op Funds

In today's world, if someone offers something for free, it's only natural to be somewhat skeptical, right? JASPER Co-op funds aren't exactly free, as they are earned through your previous year's net sales. If you're not using your JASPER Co-op funds, you're missing out, it's a great deal. These funds may be used for current year advertising with the intent of growing your business selling JASPER Products. Henry Ford is attributed to saying, "I know at least half of my advertising budget works... I just don't know which half." JASPER's Co-op Program will potentially pay for up to half of a co-branded advertising invoice, provided you have the available Co-op funds.

Why advertise JASPER products? It's really quite simple, JASPER offers you and your customers a premium product with excellent availability backed by an outstanding warranty. Your business benefits through the sale of JASPER products, which adds profit and additional satisfied customers for your business. We are talking about advertising that actively promotes your sale of JASPER products. It's more than just placing the JASPER logo in your ad, it's about delivering a sales message that connects with customers who are in need of your services and our products.

How can your Co-op funds be utilized effectively? For guidelines, examples and downloads, click here, or return to our homepage and click on Installer & Fleet Resources, then Co-Op Advertising. What type of advertising constitutes 50% reimbursement? Items purchased from the Randd/JASPER catalog, for example, are automatically approved for 50% Co-op reimbursement using your available Co-op funds. Print, radio and television commercial ad invoices will be reimbursed for up to 50% of invoiced cost, using your available Co-op funds, depending on how JASPER is branded (size and message). The easiest way to guarantee maximum reimbursement is to select one of our Ready-Made Ads. If there are any questions regarding the percentage of reimbursement for a custom ad, just e-mail your proof to and she will let you know up front. It's just that easy!

To access your available Co-op funds, visit myjasperaccount at and get started. We want your business to be successful and JASPER's Co-op Advertising is just one way we can help.