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JETT Endowment Presents Inaugural Grant

JETT Endowment - Check Presentation 11-14-13 The JETT Endowment Committee presents this year's grant to Mike Hagerdon representing Dubois County Community Meals in the amount of $7,575.00 on November 14, 2013. Jasper Endows Today and Tomorrow (JETT) offers a unique giving experience that allows JASPER Associates and their families the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of philanthropy, while combining resources to be used for the betterment of our communities for today and tomorrow. The charter members voted to offer the inaugural grant of $7,575.00 to Dubois County Community Meals. "We are going to dedicate the entire fund at this point to reaching out to school-age children who are either on the free or reduced lunch program, to help bridge the hurdle when they're not in school," said Mike Hagerdon of Dubois County Community Meals. "We will be offering other groups something to potentially help them also," said Mark Balsmeyer, JETT Facilitator. "It may not be money, it may be time and service." Each JETT member possess a voting share in deciding which charity will receive the grant from the group. By combining resources JETT members are making a significant, lasting impact for our local communities.