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New JASPER Look... Same Great Service

JASPER Delivery Vehicles

This is how JASPER's new rolling billboards look on a RAM Promaster delivery van
(upper left),
a Hino box truck (upper right) and on a 53' trailer (bottom).

JASPER's over-the-road fleet is getting a new look, as several new 53-foot trailers, box trucks and
delivery vans are put into service.

One side of the vehicle displays a discussion between an automotive technician and their customer
over an engine installation, while the opposite shows a transmission consultation. When motorists
see these rolling billboards pass by, they'll see a message asking them to contact their professional
technician about the millions of remanufactured products installed.

"We're trying to tell the general public that it is commonplace to install remanufactured products,"
said Mike Pfau, JASPER Advertising General Manager. "We want to direct these potential customers
to have their vehicles serviced by professional technicians."