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The Rewards of Volunteering


Have you ever contemplated why we as humans are so innately compelled to volunteer? Generally speaking, we volunteer because we want to make a difference, or give back to a cause in which we have some sort of sentimental connection. For others, volunteering provides an opportunity to develop new skills, or to grow an existing interest. Whether it's giving their time or money, JASPER® Associates have always risen together to support others in need. And now we have a new opportunity to make a difference for a local family.


Recently, on April 22nd, ground was broken for the latest Habitat for Humanity home sponsored by Jasper Engines & Transmissions. This future home is for a deserving mother and her two children in the nearby city of Huntingburg, Indiana. 


Habitat for Humanity of Dubois County was founded 18 years ago, and has helped 13 local families by partnering with them to build simple, good housing. Habitat selects “partner families” to become Habitat homeowners. Much like the idea of paying forward, before the groundbreaking begins, partner families must invest a minimum of 150 hours of “Sweat Equity”, usually by helping to build other Habitat homes elsewhere. Beyond the groundbreaking, a partner family must then invest a cumulative total of 300 hours in order to move into their own Habitat house. What a rewarding way to give back to our community and neighbors, don't you think?