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Something Old... Something New

The neon backlit Jasper Engines & Transmissions sign being removed from the Wernsing Road facility.

Last Friday, Sign Crafters brought in a boom crane to remove the letters which formed the Jasper Engines
and Transmissions logo from the front of our headquarters, in Jasper, Indiana. The neon-illuminated letters
graced the front of the Wernsing Road facility since 1994. I've driven by hundreds of times over the years,
never once thinking about the scale of the letters. When you get up-close, the 'J' in JASPER is a whopping
nine feet in height. The neon backlit sign will be replaced with a newly designed LED version. The LED
sign will reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs, as well as provide an improved appearance
to the building. You'll have to come back and check our blog for an update!