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Two Named to Improve Delivery Efficiencies

Broughton & Lueken Jasper Engines & Transmissions is pleased to announce the following organizational changes at its Crawford County, Indiana, facility. These changes reside within Jasper Integrated Logistics (JIL). JIL oversees JET Distribution, Jasper Innovative Solutions (JIS), Jasper Ecotech, JET Transit, Crawford Service Department, and the Retail Kit Area. Kevin Broughton has been named Divisional Manager over JET Transit and the Crawford Service Department. Kevin has been a JASPER Associate for 19 years, working primarily in JET Distribution. Kevin, along with JET Transit and the Crawford Service Department, will work to maximize efficiencies and move towards a goal of 1-2 day Nationwide Delivery. Kyle Lueken has been named Division Manager over JET Distribution, JIS, Jasper Ecotech and the Retail Kit area. Kyle is a 5-year JASPER Associate. His previous duties involved Branch Auditing for one year before moving to JIS, where he has served as Operations Manager for the past four years. Kyle will work with these teams to develop best practices and cross-training in each area, allowing JASPER to streamline all products being transported to JASPER’s branches and customers. “We are looking forward to continuing our growth and driving out hard work within all areas involved to ultimately reach our goal of 1-2 day Nationwide Delivery,” said Luke Bawel, JASPER Vice-President of Integrated Logistics. “This is one more step toward making JASPER the Brand of Choice for our customers and the Company of Choice for our Associates.”