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Greetings from Home

During this unprecedented time, some of JASPER's Associate-Owners continue to do their jobs from home. Here is our third video thanking our Associates who work at our remanufacturing facilities.


Associate-Owner shareholders in the Jasper Holdings, Incorporated Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) were treated to another record-setting share value on May 5th.  JASPER® distributed a total of $17,097,741 in new shares to over 2,500 eligible Associate-Owners. Over the last ten years, a total of $191 Million in stock has been given to their Associate-Owners.

The JASPER share value continued its upward growth since the inception of its ESOP in 2009 at $2.30 per share.  JASPER Chairman/CEO Doug Bawel announced to Associate-Owners, via company video, the 100% Associate-Owned company’s new share value is $476.30, up $14.20/share, and thanked the Associate-Owners!

“We’ve had some great growth in our share price, and today we have over $685 Million of Enterprise Value,” Bawel told Associate-Owners.

He added,  “Let’s make sure we stay focused on what is in our control; a never-ending commitment to improvements in Safety, Quality, Productivity, Customer Service, and Reduction of Waste.”

Greetings from Home, to Our Customers #2

Even though several of our Associate-Owners are working from home, JASPER remains at the ready to handle our customers' needs for quality, remanufactured products during these unprecedented times. Stay safe everyone!

Cash for Clunkers

Just Say NO to Another Cash for Clunkers Program, Let Your Voice be Heard!
The Car Allowance Rebate System (CARS), better known as "Cash for Clunkers" was a $3 billion program, enacted in 2009. It had a negative effect on the automotive repair industry as consumers were offered credit, in the form of vouchers, to replace qualifying older vehicles with new ones.
Recently, one of the major American automobile manufacturers started pushing for another Cash for Clunkers program, and it's gaining steam. Presuming this program goes into effect, many of the vehicles you should be repairing the next couple of years will be gone. If you oppose this program, click on the ASA link below and let your voice be heard.


Greetings from Home

During this unprecedented time, some of JASPER's Associate-Owners are doing their jobs from home. Here is our second video thanking our Associates who work at our remanufacturing facilities.

Safe Fishing Practices During COVID-19

Jasper Engines & Transmission professional angler Chad Morgenthaler enlightens us with a few tips on how to relieve stress during quarantine. 
Chad discusses: 

- Importance of relieving stress with a fun outdoor activity

- Practicing safe habits while embarking outside

- Ability to still practice COVID-19 recommendations & relieve stress

- Ways to fish with or without a boat

- Utilizing public access sites and amenities included

- Opportunity to experiment or fish in areas you may not have before 

- Spring fish habits 

In this Together

It is no secret that we are living in times that will one day become a history lesson for other generations. There is confusion, uncertainty and definitely fear, which is all to be expected. To do our part, and help with these challenging times, we have decided to bound forward trusting in our core values, especially our Christian virtues, to guide us during these times.

Our business is literally saving lives on a daily basis, which is especially true now. Our products are in ambulances, postal vehicles delivering lifesaving medicines, trucks delivering packaged goods and so many more; and we do not take our responsibility to our nation lightly.

We will continue to provide these services for those lives that are at greatest risk. We will continue to keep the health of our Associates and their families at a high priority. We will proceed with monitoring the situation accordingly, and act when appropriate. We will not stop bringing you, our loyal customers, your Brand of Choice!!

While we may not know where this will all lead, we trust that together we will all come out of this stronger. As our long history of 78 years has shown, when times get tough… JASPER forges a new path to rise to the occasion and our Associates’ strength is unmatched, just like the resilience of our country.  


As the Engine Turns

A video blog showcasing one of our departments or programs here at JASPER every month! For this video we are showcasing our COVID-19 efforts!