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Connect with JASPER® Internship Program Opportunities



Connect with JASPER is an innovative internship opportunity unlike any typical internship program. This partnership is unique to JASPER and encourages students to be creative and collaborate as a team to gain the most from their experience! The program is designed to develop students in three valuable areas of their life: professionally, personally, and culturally. For this program, JASPER is accepting students who have completed their first year of college, giving priority to children, and grandchildren, of JASPER Associate-Owners.

Connect with JASPER’s Mission Statement is to connect the missing piece between classroom education and the real-life experiences in a workplace through stimulating exercises and engaging activities.

JASPER understands the importance of bridging the gap between education and industry at an early age. This program will do so by challenging students with exceptional learning opportunities to prepare them for future experiences in the classroom and in the workforce.

Connect with JASPER introduces students to the core competencies of our business by gaining hands-on experience in manufacturing and lean management systems. Additionally, students will be educated on the importance of developing life skills at an early age and to prepare them to make better decisions in life, both short-term and long-term.


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JASPER® Adopts 3D Printing Technology



JASPER uses SLS printers to make parts suitable for use in production areas and to make tools that are sent with a unit to help with a customer’s installation.


3D printing is rapidly changing the manufacturing landscape. JASPER has adopted this technology not only for internal uses by our Associates but for our customers as well.  

Also known as additive manufacturing, 3D printing allows the production, or printing, of physical parts from digital models created on a computer.

“JASPER started using a Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) printer several years ago,” said JASPER Drivetrain and Product Development Engineer Shane Petty. “JASPER mainly used this printer for rapid prototyping and light-duty fixtures.”

“In the last three years, we have added a Stereo Lithographic Apparatus (SLA) and two Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) printers,” said Petty. “These have allowed us to make parts that are suitable for use in our production lines.”

A broad range of items is currently produced from a newly-created 3D Printing area in JASPER’s Corporate Headquarters. “Customers may see retainers, connectors, or plugs that have come from our 3D printing area,” Petty said. “We also make some of the tools we send with a unit to help with installation, like our crank sensor alignment tool.”

“Additive manufacturing has many benefits,” Petty added. “It gives us a cost-effective way to produce prototype parts. It also gives us another tool to help overcome the supply chain issues that are so common in manufacturing today.”


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JETT Presents Grants to Local/National Non-Profit Groups




Jasper Endows Today & Tomorrow (JETT) presented ten 2022 grants totaling $29,670.00 in December to local and national non-profit organizations. These organizations include:


  • Young Women Lead - $2,500.00
  • Free Science - $2,500.00
  • H.U.G.S. Ranch - $3,800.00
  • Blackhawk Blessings - $2,500.00
  • Brothers for Veterans - $2,208.00
  • Jasper Strassenfest, Inc. - $156.65
  • Kids Repair Program - $1,000.00
  • Community Chew Endowment - $2,500.00
  • Mentors for Youth Dubois County - $4,500.00
  • Ele’s Place - $8,000.00


Each year a portion of member donations builds the JETT endowment, which currently totals over $330,000. JETT has awarded 73 grants since its inception in 2013, totaling nearly $260,000. JETT membership has steadily increased from 29 members in 2013 to over 279 in 2022. “All of these charitable gifts would not be possible without the matching partnership of JASPER® and our generous membership,” added JETT founder Mark Balsmeyer. “We are blessed with the ability to support our community’s non-profit organizations through membership contributions and member-driven fundraising events throughout the year.”


JETT is a giving circle for Associate-Owners of Jasper Holdings, Inc. and their families that focuses on pooling resources, which creates a more significant combined impact on our communities. Their goal is to learn more about philanthropic opportunities and support those organizations that promote thoughtful giving.




JASPER® Uses LECO Mass Spectrometer to Analyze Metal Composition


JASPER may surpass excellence in the never-ending quest to produce The Perfect Product. One of the ways we do that is through the use of cutting-edge technology, such as this LECO Mass Spectrometer. It's used to measure the chemical compositions of different metal alloys within the components we use in remanufacturing. 


"We use it to help us reverse-engineer different parts," said JASPER Product Design Engineer Noah Fritchley. "We also use it to hold our vendors accountablefor supplying us good parts." 


The mass spectrometer works by burning a sample from a metal-alloy component. The machine evaluates the ions coming off that burn, telling us the chemical composition of that alloy. "That would include, in a simple way of putting it, it tells us what the ingredients are for a cake mixture," said Fritchley. "It doesn't tell us necessarily how that cake was baked, but it does tell us what the ingredients are." 


Using a mass spectrometer helps JASPER improve quality and reduces the risk of substandard parts getting to the customer. "With all the global supply chain issues that we've seen, we have seen vendors changing materials in our parts," Fritchley added. "This is one machine to help further reduce the risk of inferior parts getting to our customer." If you'd like to learn more about the remanufactured products here at Jasper Engines & Transmissions, contact us at 800.827.7455 or



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Jasper Holdings, Inc. Announces 2021 ESOP Share Value!


Associate-Owner shareholders of the Jasper Holdings, Inc. Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), were presented Tuesday with some outstanding news.  Jasper Holdings, Inc. Chairman/CEO Doug Bawel announced a new all-time record price of $774.38 per share. “This is up $214.58 per share over our previous record, a 37% increase in one year,” said Bawel.  He went on to explain, “a total of 36,854 new shares were distributed, bringing the total ESOP value allocated to shareholders to over $367 Million since its inception in 2009.”

Bawel shared, “Our ESOP has truly been a game changer for our Associate-Owners in their retirement strategy. We have a total of 2,529 active Associate-Shareholders today; 954 or 37% of those have greater than $100,000 in stock, and 1,468, or 58%, have greater than $50,000.”

 “This is all in addition to our matching 401k retirement plan, which has over $245 Million invested,” he said.

“Today, our market capitalization is in excess of $1.115 Billion, a $291 Million increase over 2020. This is Awesome!” Bawel said. “Our JASPER family has been truly blessed by great customers who have been so patient through these material and labor shortages.”

He added, “Our success is a direct reflection of our Associate-Owners and their commitment to Do it Right in these challenging times. We have been Blessed with great Associate-Owners who have continued to stay focused on what is in our control; a never-ending commitment to improvements in Safety, Quality, Productivity, Customer Service, and Reduction of Waste.”


JASPER Remanufactured GM AFM-Delete Engine

Active Fuel Management, or AFM for short, refers to cylinder deactivation. GM uses it to shut down cylinders under light load conditions to improve fuel economy with their V8 engines. However, Jasper Engines & Transmissions has determined the AFM system can cause some issues with the engine over time.
“In researching this engine, we found that most of the cores coming in had collapsed lifters,” said JASPER New Product Development Group Leader Brad Boeglin. “The collapsed lifter is the effect, but not the root cause of the failure. The root cause can be mistimed command events from the ECM, oil viscosity, oil temperature, restricted orifices in the LOMA board, and low oil pressure.”

JASPER uses a press to install cam bearings on all of JASPER’s remanufactured LS & LT engine platforms to reduce distortion or bearing damage, and each engine goes through an extensive cleaning cycle. “This takes care of two root causes. However, JASPER cannot do anything to correct the command from the ECM or the oil viscosity,” said Boeglin. “For this reason, JASPER’s developed and released an AFM-delete engine that removes the system entirely. We replace the original cam with a non-AFM version, remove AFM lifters, install all standard lifters, and remove the AFM solenoids.”

With the AFM hardware parts removed from the engine, installers must modify the vehicle’s ECM so it will not set codes or try to command the AFM system, which would shut off spark and fuel to the cylinders. “A tuner is supplied with every AFM engine, allowing the installer access to the ECM and modifying the AFM system,” said Boeglin. “JASPER has instructions to help walk installers through the process.”

With internal changes to the AFM-Delete engine and ECM modifications, JASPER has noticed a half to one and a half-mile per gallon reduction in fuel economy. “It depends on the amount of city to highway driving the customer does with the vehicle,” Boeglin said. From an emission standpoint, the GEN IV JASPER AFM-Delete engine has gone through the California emission testing process and received a CARB executive order # D-391-1, which allows it to be legally sold in all 50 states. “The GEN V version is currently 49 state compliant, and we are actively working on obtaining a CARB EO for that version too,” added Boeglin.

For more information on the AFM-Delete engine and the complete line of JASPER remanufactured products, log onto, or call 800.827.7455.


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January 2022 JASPER® Calendar Winner



THE DRAGSTER Brian Williams of St. Johns, FL, has a need for speed! He purchased his 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air 33 years ago in hopes of burning some rubber on the drag strip. Brian had his fun racing for a few months, then decided it was time to quit spending so much money abusing the car and start enjoying it. After moving to Jacksonville, FL, Brian contacted Jim Mercer at the Street Rod Shop in Orange Park and talked over his wants and needs. Several months into the restoration, “I could see my plans coming together,” Brian said. It was important to Brian that the car maintained a racing feeling, so he had a JASPER-remanufactured Chevrolet 454 cu. in. engine installed. Brian said, “It’s always great when you can get attention with a nice burnout.” The final additions included a March serpentine system, Vintage A/C, a Dakota digital gauge package, Custom auto sound, and all the interior pieces. By the time his project was complete Brian’s son, Joshua, was old enough to enjoy car shows and cruise-ins with him, making it more of a family vehicle. Brian said. “It’s like the old saying; your dream of yesterday is a reality of today. Let’s cruise!”
The deadline for 2023 Calendar entries is July 1st. If your classic car or truck has a JASPER® product installed in it, contact for an entry form or additonal information.

New Powertrain Product Releases in 2021


Thanks to the efforts of our JASPER Research and Development Team, we have released 23 new products in 2021, including at least eight of which are used in fleet vehicles. New products include:

     • Turbo 2011-2017 Nissan Juke 1.6L
     • Ford 6R140 Transmission 2017-2018 F450/550 (6.7L) and 2016-2019 E350 (6.8L)
     • Chrysler 3.6L Pentastar 2018-2020 Ram 1500, Grand Caravan/Journey, 2018-2019 Charger & Challenger,
and 2018 Wrangler (Learn more)
     • GM 4L70E Transmission TUG Gen 2 Applications

    • 6.6L Duramax LML Running Complete 2011-2016 Silverado/Sierra
     • 6.6L Duramax CP4 Injection pump - Brought in-house, now JASPER HQ builds.

    • Ford 6F50 Transmission (Product Extension) 2015-2018 Edge
    • Ford 3.5L EcoBoost SVVT 2010-2019 Flex, MKS, MKT, Taurus, and Explorer

    • ZF 8HP70 Transmission 2014-2017 RAM (5.7L) 
    • RAM 6.4L HEMI (fleets only)

    • Ford 6F35 Transmission 2014-2020 Transit (2.5L), 2014-2017 Escape (2.5L) and 2013-2014 Fusion (2.5L)

    • Ford 2.5L 2010-2017 Fusion, Escape, Transit Connect, TUG, Mazda 3 & 5, and CX7
    • Ford 3.7L 2011-2019 Transit, F150, Mustang
    • Ford 6R140 Transmission 2017-2019 E350/450 (6.2/6.8L)

    • ZF 8HP70 (Product Extension) 2014-2015 Grand Cherokee and Durango 
    • Ford 6R80 Transmission 2018-2020 Ford F150 (3.3L)

    • GM 6.0L (Product Extension) 2019-2020 Sierra, Express and Savanna 2500/3500

    • Turbos 2013-2016 Ford F150 - Brought in-house, now JASPER HQ builds.

    • Ford 3.5L Duratec 2019 Explorer and Flex
    • Ford 2.5L Duratec 2018 Transit Connect
    • OTC Turbo, Ford 3.5L (car and crossover) applications

    • GM 3.6L (Product Extension) 2015-2016 Colorado/Canyon
    • Ford 3.5L 2014-2018 Police Interceptor

Thanks again, and here’s to a prosperous 2022!




Third Quarter Success!

JASPER® CEO Doug Bawel shared the details supporting another successful quarter at HQ.

Tuesday, we announced our second most successful quarter to date for Jasper Holdings Inc. Jasper Electric Motors and our Weller brands, both achieved a new all-time record in sales dollars per quarter. Additionally, our CEO Doug Bawel shared a special “Christmas in October” message and surprised Associate-Owners with a gift. As always, we are proud of our Associate-Owners for making JASPER their Company of Choice!



Allmendinger Wins at Bristol with JASPER 4-Speed Transmission, Earns NASCAR Xfinity Series Regular Season Championship, Harvick Second in Cup Series

JASPER® Race Products Performance Report

Allmendinger Wins at Bristol with JASPER 4-Speed Transmission, Earns NASCAR Xfinity Series Regular Season Championship, Harvick Second in Cup Series

AJ Allmendinger, running a JASPER 4-Speed Transmission, won Friday's Food City 300 at Bristol Motor Speedway to claim the NASCAR Xfinity Series Regular Season Championship.  Allmendinger won by .082 seconds over second place Austin Cindric as their cars made contact on the white flag lap of overtime, and slid across the finish line.  It was Allmendinger's fourth series win of 2021.  Riley Herbst finished third, and Brandon Jones was fifth. Drivers using JASPER products placed in six of the top ten positions at the checkered flag.  A total of seven drivers using JASPER products qualified for the NASCAR Xfinity Series Playoffs which begin Saturday in Las Vegas.  Kevin Harvick, also running a JASPER 4-Speed Transmission, earned a second place finish in Saturday's Bass Pro Shops Night Race for the NASCAR Cup Series at Bristol, the third race of the NASCAR Cup Series Playoffs.  It was Harvick's eighth top five finish of the season.  He is one of five drivers using JASPER products to advance into the Round of 12 of the playoffs.

A recap of the weekend's results from Bristol Motor Speedway follows.

NASCAR Cup Series - Bass Pro Shops Night Race – Bristol Motor Speedway
2nd     Kevin Harvick #4  (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
7th      Martin Truex, Jr. #19  (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
8th      Erik Jones #43  (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
9th      Denny Hamlin #11 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission) - Stage 1 Winner
12th    Tyler Reddick #8  (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
13th    Chase Briscoe #14  (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
15th    Austin Dillon #3  (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
16th    Bubba Wallace #23  (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
18th    Aric Almirola #10  (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
21st    Kyle Busch #18  (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
22nd    Daniel Suarez #99  (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
28th    Cole Custer #41  (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
29th    Christopher Bell #20  (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
32nd    David Starr #66  (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
37th    BJ McLeod #78  (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission

NASCAR Cup Series 2021 Round of 12 Playoff Standings
2nd    Martin Truex, Jr. #19  (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
3rd    Denny Hamlin #11  (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
5th    Kyle Busch #18  (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
11th    Christopher Bell #20  (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
12th    Kevin Harvick #4  (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)

NASCAR Xfinity Series - Food City 300 - Bristol Motor Speedway
1st      AJ Allmendinger #16  (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
3rd      Riley Herbst #98  (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
5th      Brandon Jones #19  (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
6th      Justin Haley #11  (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
7th      Harrison Burton #20  (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
10th    Daniel Hemric #18  (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission) - Stage 2 Winner
11th    Ty Gibbs #54  (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
24th    Jeb Burton #10  (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
30th    David Starr #66  (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
33rd    Chad Finchum #61  (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
34th    Ryan Sieg #39  (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)

NASCAR Xfinity Series 2021 Round of 12 Playoff Standings
2nd     AJ Allmendinger #16  (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)*
5th      Justin Haley #11  (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
6th      Daniel Hemric #18  (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
7th      Jeb Burton #10  (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
8th      Harrison Burton #20  (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
10th    Brandon Jones #19  (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
11th    Riley Herbst #98  (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)

* NASCAR Xfinity Series Regular Season Champion