JASPER® Race Products Performance Report - Texas

Kyle Busch wins at Texas, Three of Top Four with JASPER 4-Speed Transmission

Kyle Busch, running a JASPER 4-Speed Transmission, lead 116 of 334 laps to win Sunday's Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series O'Reilly Auto Parts 500.  Kevin Harvick was second.  Drivers running JASPER products took three of the top four finishing positions, and six of the top ten, at the checkered flag.  NASCAR Xfinity Series drivers running JASPER products took three of the top five finishing positions in Saturday's My Bariatric Solutions 300.  Both races were held at Texas Motor Speedway.


A recap of the results from this weekend's races at Texas Motor Speedway follows.


Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series - O'Reilly Auto Parts 500 - Texas Motor Speedway

1st      Kyle Busch #18 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission) - Stage 2 Winner
2nd     Kevin Harvick #4 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission) - Stage 1 Winner
4th      Erik Jones #20 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
7th      Kurt Busch #41 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
8th      Darrell Wallace, Jr. #43 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
9th      Clint Bowyer #14 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
17th    Kasey Kahne #95 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
22nd   Harrison Rhodes #51 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
29th    Daniel Suarez #19 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
32nd   Aric Almirola #10 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
34th    Denny Hamlin #11 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
37th    Martin Truex, Jr. #78 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)


Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Points Standings

1st      Kyle Busch #18 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
4th      Kevin Harvick #4 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission) 
5th      Martin Truex, Jr. #78 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
6th      Clint Bowyer #14 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
8th      Kurt Busch #41 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
9th      Denny Hamlin #11 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
11th    Erik Jones #20 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
12th    Aric Almirola #10 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
19th    Darrell Wallace, Jr. #43 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission) 
26th    Daniel Suarez #19 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
27th    Kasey Kahne #95 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
36th    Harrison Rhodes #51 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)


NASCAR Xfinity Series - My Bariatric Solutions 300 - Texas Motor Speedway

2nd     Christopher Bell #20 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
4th      Cole Custer #00 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission) 
5th      Ryan Preece #18 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
13th    Ryan Truex #11 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
17th    Dylan Lupton #28 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
19th    Kevin Harvick #98 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
26th    Kaz Grala #24 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
27th    Garrett Smithley #0 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
28th    Ross Chastain #4 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission) 
33rd    Brandon Jones #19 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission) - Stage 2 Winner
39th    Vinnie Miller #01 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)



JASPER® Race Products Performance Report

Bowyer Wins Martinsville, Four of Top Five with JASPER 4-Speed Transmission

Clint Bowyer, running a JASPER 4-Speed Transmission, lead 215 of 500 laps to win Monday's weather-delayed STP 500 at Martinsville Speedway.  It was Bowyer's first Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series victory of the season.  Drivers running JASPER products took four of the top five finishing positions at the checkered flag.

A recap of the results from Monday's race at Martinsville Speedway follows.

Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series - STP 500 - Martinsville Speedway

1st      Clint Bowyer #14 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
2nd     Kyle Busch #18 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
4th      Martin Truex, Jr. #78 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
5th      Kevin Harvick #4 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
11th    Kurt Busch #41 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
12th    Denny Hamlin #11 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission) - Stage 1 Winner
14th    Aric Almirola #10 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
17th    Erik Jones #20 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
18th    Daniel Suarez #19 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
24th    Kasey Kahne #95 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
34th    Darrell Wallace, Jr. #43 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
35th    Harrison Rhodes #51 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)


Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Points Standings

1st      Kyle Busch #18 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
2nd     Martin Truex, Jr. #78 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission) 
6th      Denny Hamlin #11 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
7th      Kevin Harvick #4 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
8th      Clint Bowyer #14 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
10th    Kurt Busch #41 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
11th    Aric Almirola #10 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
12th    Erik Jones #20 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
22nd   Daniel Suarez #19 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission) 
23rd    Darrell Wallace, Jr. #43 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
27th    Kasey Kahne #95 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
38th    Harrison Rhodes #51 (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)


Carm Capriotto, AAP - It’s time to do a SWOT


This could be the best team exercise you’ve ever done; unless you’ve done some team building exercises on an obstacle course, or at a horse ranch.

For the small business person, a SWOT exercise is like creating a strategic plan. A strategic plan you say? That is for the big world of corporate America. But I say no. EVERY company needs a strategic plan. It is really about short and long-range goals, and what we will need to do more of, less of, and new things to keep us competitive and relevant in the marketplace.

SWOT is a deep review of your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. There are 23,600,000 results in Google for SWOT. Does that kind of response, from mother Google, make this an important tactic in your business? I say yes.

This exercise could be one of the greatest gifts you give your business this year. I’ll explain how big results come from doing a SWOT on your business.

  • This is not an exercise you do by yourself.
  • This is a team exercise; everyone who works for the business. (Assemble that team.)
  • As the owner of the business, you should not lead the exercise. Your people will contribute more if you are sitting in the back of the room and not saying a word.
  • If not you, then who leads the exercise? Find a friend or fellow businessman who can be the SWOT leader and write down on the white board or flip chart the contributions from your team. It is best that your SWOT leader understands business in general or even your business. It could be your accountant, a mentor, an advisor, or even a fellow shop owner.
  • The leader asks the team to define their Strengths and then their Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. In some cases, you may have a strength that is also a weakness and a weakness that can be an opportunity. Once your team narrows down what they know to be the company’s strengths, it gets easier from there.
  • The facilitator goes through each section and may even challenge your team to help crystalize the point being made. Your facilitator makes it fun and will keep the energy in the room at a high level.

If you have ever wanted your team’s perspective on your company, the marketplace, and the industry, this is the best exercise you can do. You will learn a lot about your team, your company and the road ahead.

I recommend doing this on a flip chart, one page for each element of SWOT. (If you do it on a white board take pictures of the results). Why use a flip chart? I want you to post them in your office and create a ‘war room.’ You’ve now got a perfect picture staring you in the eye on what you need to build upon: your strengths, what you need to sustain and constantly improve; your weaknesses, or what you need to fix; the exciting new potential opportunities that could push your business into new markets; and, your threats, things that could derail your business if you don’t prepare. Talk about a strategic plan, and it came from YOUR people! It’s simple, easy, and engaging and should be done on a yearly basis.

When your team feels that their input matters and they are part of the business, magic happens. And when you are ready to implement the improvements and changes that flowed from the SWOT, they’ll be on board ready to participate because they own a piece of the rock.
Carm Capriotto, AAP
Host, Remarkable Results Radio Podcast
The Aftermarkets Audio Book Library
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JASPER® Offers Remanufactured Nissan 5.6L VK56DE Engine

Jasper Engines & Transmissions is pleased to announce the addition of the Nissan 5.6L VK56DE to its remanufactured gas engine line.


This engine is available for the following Nissan applications:

2004-2006 Titan, Armada, Pathfinder (non-VVT)

2007-2015 Titan, Armada, Pathfinder (VVT)

2012-2015 NV2500/NV3500 (VVT)


“JASPER replaces the OE cast aluminum pistons with an upgraded aluminum piston  of our own design,” says Brad Boeglin, JASPER New Product Development Group Leader.  “The JASPER-engineered pistons have a graphite coating to help prevent dry startup and piston scuffing.  They also designed to include 40% more oil drain backs to prevent oil consumption.”


“JASPER 100% installs new, nitrided, engine valves for improved heat resistance and reduction of valve guide wear,” said Boeglin.  “We also 100% install synthetic, rubber-based, PTFE valve stem seals, then air gauge test the valve guides to verify proper clearance between the valve and guide to further prevent oil consumption.”


“The variable valve timing of the VK56DE is hydraulically tested using a state-of-the-art, oil controlled, test stand to eliminate the chance of VVT failure,” he added.


The JASPER remanufactured Nissan 5.6L VK56DE is covered by a 3-Year/100,000-Mile nationwide, transferrable, parts and labor warranty.  Full warranty disclosure is available upon request.


For more information on the complete line of JASPER remanufactured gas engines, log onto or call 1.800.827.7455.

JASPER® Earns ESOP Company of the Year Honors for 2018


Jasper Engines & Transmissions has been named ESOP Company of the Year for 2018 by The ESOP Association, Indiana Chapter.  The announcement was made February 27th at an Association conference in Carmel, Indiana.


“We are truly honored to receive this award,” said Doug Bawel, JASPER Chairman/CEO.  “We have 2,900 Associate-Owners who are very proud of their 75-year company, and this recognition is all about them.”


The ESOP Association is the largest employer-sponsored advocacy and education association in the United States.  The Association focuses on employee stock ownership plans (ESOP). Founded in 1978, the Association seeks to enhance federal laws governing ESOPs, provide members with expert information, and fund research via the Employee Ownership Foundation.


The ESOP Association is a national non-profit organization with 18 local Chapters, including Indiana.  Its members include ESOP companies, companies considering an ESOP, and service providers that assist in setting up and maintaining ESOPs.


JASPER has seen immense growth since the inception of the ESOP in 2009. In 2010 the company had grown to approximately $280 million in revenue, and approximately 1,800 Associates nationwide.  In the last six years, JASPER conducted strategic acquisitions within the automotive industry that  allowed the company to grow and prosper.  JASPER also expanded its remanufacturing facilities in Jasper and Leavenworth, Indiana, as well as Willow Springs, Missouri. 


Today, JASPER has 2,900 full-time Associate-Owners, with revenue in excess of $608 million.  The company’s ESOP stock has grown in six years from $2.30/share to over $220/share at the end of 2016. 


“We will be announcing our current share price in April, and we are excited about our 2017 growth and success, which we feel will reflect in our stock price,” said Bawel.

JASPER's ESOP Committee Pictured Left to Right: Thom Ireland, Kate Schwenk, Audra Dilger, Josseline Carr, and John Wiggins.



JASPER® Offers Remanufactured Chrysler 3.6L Pentastar Engine

Jasper Engines & Transmissions is pleased to announce the addition of the Chrysler 3.6L Pentastar to its remanufactured gas engine line.

This engine is available for the following 2011-2016 applications:

Dodge                                              Chrysler                                            RAM

Caravan                                            Town & Country                             1500

Journey                                             300                                                  ProMaster


Charger                                            Jeep

Avenger                                            Wrangler

               Grand Cherokee

“JASPER replaces the OE cast aluminum pistons with an upgraded aluminum piston  of our own design,” says Brad Boeglin, JASPER New Product Development Group Leader.  “The JASPER-engineered pistons have a smooth, fully machined, anodized crown, which provides a thermal barrier to reduce carbon buildup.”

“Our piston design includes 12 additional oil return holes for increased drainback, along with changing the oil rings from a three-piece to a two-piece “Diesel”style ring ,” said Boeglin.  “This reduces oil consumption and prevents the oil rings from sticking.”

“In addition, the JASPER-engineered piston has an additional oil accumulator groove that decreases the pressure between the first and second ring,” added Boeglin.  “This prevents the upper compression ring from unsealing at higher RPMs.”

“Finally, a graphite coating, and 28% more thrust bearing area, prevents dry startup and piston scuffing,” he added.

The JASPER remanufactured Chrysler 3.6L Pentastar is covered by a 3-Year/100,000-Mile nationwide, transferrable, parts and labor warranty.  Full warranty disclosure is available upon request.

For more information on the complete line of JASPER remanufactured gas engines, log onto or call 1.800.827.7455.


JASPER Authentic Customer Sees 390 Big Block Dyno Test Session in Person

JASPER® customer, Tony Habermel of New Albany, Indiana, was able to watch his remanufactured Ford 390 Big Block on the dynamometer during a recent visit to Jasper Authentic Custom Drivetrains.

A numbers-matching build, including a dyno-run, was part of the package Tony purchased for his 1969 Ford Torino GT Sport Roof.

“My Aunt & Uncle bought the car brand new in February of ’69,” said Tony.  “The car sat for nearly 20 years in my Aunt’s garage, on carpet and under a cover.”

“I bought the car from my Aunt, and moved it to my garage, where it sat because there wasn’t time for me  to do anything with it.”

“I had the whole body redone after a tree fell on my garage,” Tony added.  “The engine wasn’t running right, so I had the engine brought to JASPER.”

During Tony’s visit to JASPER, he toured the facility along with Dawn Byrne of Byrne’s Garage of New Albany.  They were both invited into the dyno room to watch Tony’s engine go through its paces.

“The experience with JASPER has been phenomenal,” Tony said.  “They are some of the nicest people I have ever dealt with.  They have been very helpful and knowledgeable.”

“It’s moments like these, that make my job an absolute pleasure,” said Darren Ragsdale, Jasper Authentic Custom Drivetrains & Performance Division Manager.  “It’s an honor to work with our customers, especially when they are passionate about their restoration projects.”

JETT Kicks Off Endowment Season for 2018

Jasper Endows Today & Tomorrow (JETT) held its annual kick-off meeting February 5th at the Jasper Engines & Transmissions Training Center.  Over 30 people were in attendance to hear a recap of 2017, and get an opportunity to hear from a guest speaker.  The night began with a review of the 8 grant recipients that received over $28,000 in 2017.  One of the recipients, Mentors For Youth, submitted a status report for the two matches that their grant had helped to initiate.  The membership also got to hear about the current JETT endowment total, $166,000, and what legacy that will leave on local communities.


The guest speaker was Jamie Levy, President and Chief Vision Officer of JD Levy & Associates.  Jamie is also a faculty member at Indiana University, where he teaches graduate and professional programs in not-for-profit management and development through the IU Center on Philanthropy, School of Public and Environmental Affairs, and the Fund Raising School.  His primary message a the meeting was 3-fold;


“Each organization must know its vision,” said JETT Facilitator, Mark Balsmeyer.  “Jamie’s example of the Rockefeller Rule explained that strategic planning (99%) doesn’t always align with the vision (1%).  Many organizations lose momentum this way.” 


“His second point of emphasis was, as a grant maker, not to be afraid to ask questions to non-profits,” said Balsmeyer. “They need to be asked ‘What does value look like’, and understand the difference between outputs and outcomes.”


“His last take away revolved around the 3 R’s (Relief, Rehabilitation, Restoration) and identifying what JETT’s footprint looks like from previous grant making,” he added.


The meeting concluded with a listing of opportunities for JETT members to get involved by use of time, and talent, in 2018.  It was also mentioned that JETT will host its 2nd Live/Silent Auction April 28th at The Schnitz Brewery & Pub.  “The inaugural 2016 event raised $13,000 that went towards supporting non-profit organizations,” said Balsmeyer.


JASPER® Acquires Greensboro Distributorship

Jasper Engines & Transmissions is proud to announce the acquisition of Jasper Engines & Transmissions of Greensboro, North Carolina.

Located at 4120 Beechwood Drive in Greensboro, this branch opened in 1986 as an independent distributorship, selling JASPER® quality remanufactured products to customers in North Carolina, and southern Virginia. 

“Our Greensboro customers can now take full advantage of several JASPER programs not afforded to them in the past,” said Zach Bawel, JASPER President.  “These include availability to Cooperative Advertising programs, our Preferred Installer programs, along with other Volume Discount programs and Corporate Tours that go with dealing directly with the factory.”

“In addition, the Greensboro branch Associates become owners of the company as part of JASPER’s Associate-Owned Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP),” Bawel added.  “This territory will continue to get great customer support from our outside sales representatives, branch operations and delivery drivers.”

Jasper Engines & Transmissions currently has 45 branch offices and distribution centers in 28 states.



Commodore Manufacturing – 100% Student-Led/Operated Business

The Perry County Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting on December 19 for the first local student-led manufacturing facility, Commodore Manufacturing. Commodore Manufacturing is 100% student-led and operated; the business plan was created by students in the business pathway and the HIRE Manufacturing students are responsible for the customer interactions, quality, production, marketing, payroll, and safety components of the business. JASPER Vice President of Logistics, Luke Bawel, spoke to the crowd, which included school officials/administration, local and state elected officials, Perry County business leaders, as well as representatives from Waupaca Foundry and JASPER.


JASPER® and Waupaca Foundry has partnered with Perry Central to design an educational pathway for manufacturing careers, providing real hands on experience which is accredited by the state to provide high school and college credits. Commodore Manufacturing has adopted JASPER's lean principals, including a Management Board which tracks trainings and orders. Commodore Manufacturing is currently a supplier for Jasper Innovative Solutions and Bawel shared that he foresees the student-led business partnering with other JASPER divisions in the future.