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Jasper Events

Make Some Noise for the JETT Silent Auction...

Jasper Endows Today and Tomorrow (JETT) will hold a silent auction Saturday, October 1st at Schnitz Brew Pub in Jasper. The silent auction opens at 3pm with many great items to bid on, including Indianapolis Colts, and Indiana Pacers, tickets, autographed memorabilia, gift certificates and much, much more.

Proceeds from the silent auction benefit JETT and their unique giving experience that allows JASPER Associates and their families the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of philanthropy, while combining resources to be used for the betterment of our communities for today and tomorrow.

Since 2013, JETT has awarded over $37,000 in grants and volunteered over 500 hours in support of organizations in our community. In addition to these grants, $22,000 has been added to the JETT endowment to grow our opportunities to assist in the future.



JASPER Purchases Adjacent Jasper Inn Property

Jasper Engines & Transmissions has acquired a majority of the adjacent Jasper Inn property along Wernsing Road for future parking and storage.

Under the purchase agreement, JASPER will acquire the Convention Center on January 1, 2017. The existing 130-room main hotel, dome recreation area, and various other areas of the hotel, will be acquired in July of 2017.

The remaining 67-unit Annex building, closest to US 231, will be retained by the Jasper Inn and be remodeled as a hotel, including an indoor pool and new reception area.

"It has been a pleasure working with the Jasper Inn organization," said Doug Bawel, JASPER Chairman/CEO. "As our company continues to experience significant growth, both in our number of Associate-Owners as well as physical size, parking and storage become an important need. The purchase of a portion of the Jasper Inn facilities will allow us to efficiently utilize our Wernsing Road facility, which is currently undergoing an expansion process."

"We see this purchase as a "Win-Win" for both of our organizations as well as means to revitalize the area surrounding both of our facilities," he added.



JASPER Presented with Business of the Year Award by IBC

The IBC (Indiana Breastfeeding Coalition) recently presented Jasper Engines & Transmissions
with the Business of the Year Award.


JASPER has worked over the last three years to enhance programs and provide support for breastfeeding mothers. On the JASPER health plan, mothers are provided with a top-rated Medela breast pump at no cost.
“Our goal is to make sure JASPER is a family-friendly, supportive environment. In particular, we want our Associates to have the opportunity to continue breastfeeding when they return to work, and to make it as easy as possible for them to do so,” said Kara Woolsey, JASPER Benefits Administrator.
Additionally, the Prenatal Incentive Program provides the opportunity for parents to be informed of breastfeeding and offers support through JASPER Health WoRx on topics from diaper changing to common newborn health conditions.

JASPER Announces New Part Supplier Award Winners for 2015

Jasper Engines & Transmissions recently announced their New Part Supplier Award winners for calendar year 2015 performance. There were nine total recipients named in the following three categories:

Diesel Forward
S.A. Gear
United Engine & Machine Co.

Sonnax Industries
Elgin Industries
Melling Engine Parts

King Engine Bearings
Exedy Globalparts Corp. Dynax
BorgWarner Transmission Systems


Each supplier received a JASPER trophy honoring their key role and performance in 2015.

JASPER presents these awards, annually, to recognize the company’s key Partners in Success. The respective suppliers provided JASPER  “above & beyond” performance in calendar year 2015, based on the following criteria:

GROWTH – Award winners were based on percentage increase in the amount of dollars spent from 2014 to 2015 (minimum amount spent = $100,000).
SERVICE – Award winners were established by joint nominating efforts between Sourcing and Purchasing in key areas including: “Can Do” Attitude, Sense of Urgency, Timely Responses, Problem Resolution and High Level of Expertise.
QUALITY – Award winners were established by joint nominating efforts between JASPER Sourcing and Quality Teams in key areas such as: Corrective Action Requests-Responses, Warranties, Quality Control First-Piece History and Quality Issue Resolution.
“JASPER is proud to recognize all of our suppliers again this year,” said Jay Nelson, JASPER Supplier Development-Sourcing Manager. “We have developed great relationships with many of our suppliers, and they continue to be critical partners in the success of Jasper Engines and Transmissions.
“In the aftermarket industry, we must all continue to work closely together to provide the highest quality product at a fair price; which then delivers the greatest value to our customers,” said Nelson.

Willys-Overland-Knight Registry Visits JASPER Facilities

Nearly 160 members of the Willys-Overland-Knight Registry (WOKR) held their 56th Annual International Meet-up in Jasper, Indiana. During their June 20-23 visit, many of the members took time to tour JASPER's Wernsing Road and Power Drive facilities.

The WOKR was established to bring together people interested in the preservation of vehicles powered by "seeve-valve" engines, or the related family of Willys-Overland vehicles from 1903 to 1942. Nameplates included: Willys, Overland, Whippet, Stearns, Marion and other vehicles powered by a Knight sleeve-valve engine.

By definition, a sleeve-valve fits between the piston and the cylinder wall of an engine where it rotates, or slides. Ports, or holes, in the sides of the sleeves come into alignment with the cylinder's intake or exhaust ports at the appropriate stage of the engine cycle.

Thanks again for the visit WOKR, we appreciate your efforts in the preservation of these historic vehicles!



Gas Division Renovation/Relocation Nearing Completion

The renovation and relocation project within the Gas Engine Division at JASPER’s Wernsing Road remanufacturing facility is nearing completion.

For the past year, the five reconfigured major production work areas, called PODs, have been laid out with open aisleways, improved daytime lighting fixtures and greater accessibility for materials. The project takes advantage of space left behind by the Drivetrain Divisions (Transmission and Differential) when they moved to Power Drive last year.
“What’s left to be done involves moving the production groups that remain on the second floor of our building to the main floor,” said Matt Weinzapfel, JASPER Vice President of Engine Manufacturing. “Our JASPER Authentic Custom Drivetrain Engine Group will move to the main floor and be set up like a regular production POD, in order to take on additional volume. The Lifter and Variable Valve Timing (VVT) support group will also move to the ground floor, which will make them more accessible to the engine remanufacturing work areas.”

Weinzapfel said the process of driving improvement in production has really happened over the last 3-4 years, with a lot of workshop activities and LEAN manufacturing methodologies in those areas. “What we lacked was the floor space to really configure a layout that was conducive to support the changes we were making,” he said. “We’ve driven a lot of improvement in setting standards, making tools available to the operator and having visuals in place for inventory control,” added Weinzapfel. “By making these layout changes, it’s opened up the floor space, allowing the operator a more visual work environment. It’s allowing a Team Leader to effectively lead his team and provide support to the operators who are working in the PODs.”
A major goal of the project was the accessibility of Associates to deliver necessary materials to work areas within each POD. This is done through the planning of wide, open aisleways between each set of PODs from which materials can easily flow, and give Associates more room to operate within their respective work areas.
Each production POD includes work areas for disassembly, parts prep, block machining, head machining, inspection, final assembly, and live run testing. Supporting departments, including crankshaft, camshaft, rod and pump, are located at the head of the production lines, allowing conveyance Associates to pass through one area of the plant, pick up necessary materials, and deliver to the remanufacturing work areas.

2016 "Pie in the Eye" Fundraiser

2016 "Pie in the Eye" Participants

This year's "Pie in the Eye" event raised nearly $1,353.00 for Dubois County Relay for Life. It was, by far, the most successful fundraiser in its nine-year history. Third place went to two lucky Associates. Alex Ernst received a pie from last year’s top recipient, Dave Sutton. Chris "Rocky" Arvin earned a “matching” third place pie, and it was thrown by TJ Abrams.


Alex Ernst received a pie from last year's top recipient, Dave Sutton.


"Rocky" earned a "matching" third place pie, thrown by TJ Abrams.


Teresa Kortea won a raffle to throw a pie at second place recipient Jeremie Elliot.


The second place pie was given to Jeremie Elliot, who was a willing participant, even raising money for himself. Jeremie raffled off the chance for an Associate to throw his pie, which was won by Teresa Kortea.


This year's top recipient was Nicole Tanner from the ITD division.


Associates from Indiana Tool & Die held several fundraisers to make sure their candidate, Nicole Tanner, got her just desserts. Their efforts once again paid off as Nicole had $505.50 raised against her, to be this year’s top recipient. “It’s definitely the most fun event we do at JASPER,” said Cori Wilson, event coordinator. “If it weren’t for these Associates donating their faces for us to throw pies at, we couldn’t have done it.” “We know how fortunate we are, as a company, to be able to do these crazy events,” she added. “We’re Doing It Right AND Having Fun!



Interns Connect with JASPER

Connect with JASPER, a comprehensive internship program, was started three years ago as an attempt to "connect" with current college students by giving them a well-rounded internship over the summer months. So what does this mean? If we want to attain our goal of being the "Employer of Choice", we must educate our youth on the opportunities available at JASPER. If a college student doesn't realize what job opportunities are available, what's to keep them from going elsewhere?

This program is an 11 week internship that gives 8 college students the chance to learn about remanufacturing, gain valuable lean tools, learn a wide array of life skills and get a chance to create a community service project. All of this is intended to shape our youth by giving them the knowledge they need to succeed in business and more importantly, LIFE.

Connect with JASPER begins with a week in our DOJO Training Center focusing on the history of Jasper Engines & Transmissions, our culture and hands-on skills necessary in remanufacturing.

The team then commence upon a 10 week journey that has them learning and applying workshop principles. These include: creating standards, eliminating hard work, designing intuitive work spaces and leaving the Team Leader of the area doable work.

Along with these tools the team gets a chance to learn very important life skills, such as: how to set up a loan, service a vehicle, save for retirement and what benefits really mean. We also challenge them with a book review and pair them up with a mentor from an area that relates to their current studies.

If that isn't enough, they get to learn about philanthropy and decide on a community service project they can work on together as a team. We have had 14 interns graduate from this program and several have decided to return to JASPER. The next group of interns will actually be led by a former team member. It is our hope that we can continue to grow this program as we move forward into the future!




Family Service Day Webinar Scheduled for Thursday 5/05/16

Does Your Brand Need a Competitive Edge?

“Family Service Day is a shining example of a company that is changing the face of the automotive industry”. – Ratchet + Wrench Magazine

JASPER is pleased to partner with Family Service Day–Keeping Cars Kickin’, an award-winning cause marketing program that helps independent repair shops stay competitive while increasing the safety and reliability of transportation for families in need of a hand up.

Family Service Day events are a unique way for shop owners and employees to get involved in supporting the local community. Participation will help you:

    •  Create a compelling brand story
    •  Attract and retain customers
    •  Differentiate your business from the competition
CLICK HERE to register for the Family Service Day–Keeping Cars Kickin’ Webinar on Thursday May 5, 2016  3:30 PM - 4:30 PM EDT.
CLICK HERE for a video preview.
CLICK HERE to learn more, or to become a Family Service Day service provider.



Something Old... Something New

The neon backlit Jasper Engines & Transmissions sign being removed from the Wernsing Road facility.

Last Friday, Sign Crafters brought in a boom crane to remove the letters which formed the Jasper Engines
and Transmissions logo from the front of our headquarters, in Jasper, Indiana. The neon-illuminated letters
graced the front of the Wernsing Road facility since 1994. I've driven by hundreds of times over the years,
never once thinking about the scale of the letters. When you get up-close, the 'J' in JASPER is a whopping
nine feet in height. The neon backlit sign will be replaced with a newly designed LED version. The LED
sign will reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs, as well as provide an improved appearance
to the building. You'll have to come back and check our blog for an update!