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Jasper Family of Companies

As you may have seen from the other pages on our website, Jasper Engines and Transmissions is comprised of a number of divisions – Gas Engine, Transmission, Diesel Engine, Differential, Marine and Performance – each of which serves various applications and needs with quality remanufactured drivetrain related products.

We are also, however, a family of companies that serve both automotive and other specific industries with a unique offering of products and services.

Indiana Tool and Die was the earliest acquired division of JASPER. ITD was purchased and moved from Indianapolis, IN, to Jasper in 1959 in order to remanufacture torque converters for the Transmission Division formed two years earlier. Today, Indiana Tool and Die provides any number of machining services for both internal and external customers. The division has grown from a series of lathes, to incorporating a water jet and six CNC machines for a variety of sophisticated and precise machining processes.

Jasper Electric Motors was acquired in 1987. At the time, the small shop sold a variety of new electric motors and provided rewinding services for smaller industrial and agricultural applications. Jasper Electric Motors has “reinvented” itself over the years so that it can continue to grow and meet the needs and demands of a changing market. Today, Jasper Electric Motors is also a full-service facility dedicated to the rewinding and repair of industrial motors up to 60,000 pounds and beyond. JEM provides both in-facility and field services.

Jasper Innovative Solutions (formerly Mac Motors) was acquired in 2008 as a premier supplier of parts and components to the vehicle maintenance facilities (VMFs) of the United States Postal Service. Jasper Innovative Solutions subsequently acquired Canam, a major distributor and developer of USPS related parts. Jasper Innovative Solutions provides practically any part – from starters to brake lights to doors and roofs – used on the vast nationwide fleet of LLVs driven for daily mail deliveries. JIS also provides parts and services for a variety of other fleets throughout the country.

Jasper EcoTech, formed as a partnership in 2011 and fully acquired in 2015, offers unique commercial LED lighting solutions. Products include replacement LED tubes for florescent tube fixtures, outdoor building and wall pack lighting and the Flex Light, a convenient and portable multi-LED light that is available in two sizes. The Flex Light is useful for any number of applications including for automotive repair facilities where it provides excellent illumination both under the hood and the vehicle.

Weller Truck Parts became part of the JASPER family in 2014. Weller Truck Parts is well known for providing transmissions and differentials, along with steering gear boxes, to the medium and heavy-duty truck aftermarket, a market in which JASPER has not been deeply involved for some time. Our acquisition of Weller has been a great complement to each of our company’s existing product offerings and has provided both of our organizations with the opportunity to share best practices so that we can each improve our respective products and processes.