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Stock Replacement Engines

Ford Triton 5.4If the gas engine in your car, truck, van or SUV is no longer performing to your expectations, there’s no need to trade for a new or newer used vehicle. After all, if you didn’t intend to replace your vehicle before the engine got tired, why would you now?

Replacing your engine with a JASPER stock replacement engine will cost considerably less than replacing the vehicle. You probably have a feeling of comfort with your “ride” because you know where all the buttons and knobs are and, most importantly, you know your vehicle’s maintenance history. Remember why you purchased it in the first place – you liked it – and it was the one you felt would best serve you, your family or your business. And, don’t forget the “soft” costs associated with the ownership of a vehicle – license, insurance and, of course, the taxes on the purchase of a different car, truck, van or SUV. You’ll save on all of these by holding on to your present vehicle and giving it new life with a remanufactured engine. The money you save can be used for the other things that are important to you like saving for college, retirement, that special vacation or adding profit to your business.

JASPER stock replacement gas engines for most applications are available immediately from our huge inventory located at our distribution network across the U.S. This means you can be up and running again in the time it takes to have someone else go through the process of tearing down and rebuilding your engine. So, go to our online catalog to get a price on a stock replacement engine that matches your vehicle and then click on the “Find An Installer” icon to find the JASPER installer that is near to you.