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Diesel Fuel Pumps

Diesel Fuel PumpsDiesel Fuel PumpsJasper Engines and Transmissions offers a wide selection of diesel fuel pumps including the Bosch Rexroth and the Shepard high pressure oil pumps, the Stanadyne DS and DB2, along with a variety of Caterpillar applications like the V-style pump for the CAT 3208 and the pump/governor for the Cat 3116. Fuel pumps are remanufactured in a climate-controlled, electronically filtered environment. As a Service Dealer for both Bosch and Stanadyne, JASPER’s Diesel Air and Fuel Component Division employs Associates that have been trained in original equipment specifications and processes.

JASPER also focuses on processes that are specific to pump manufacturer, design and application. For example:

High-pressure Oil Pumps for 6.0L, 444, 466E and 3126 applications:

  • Custom sized O-rings installed to prevent leaks from the rear end sealing plate
  • 100% of the O-rings within the pump are replaced, along with all discharge fittings
  • Installation of a set screw through the housing stops the swash plate from turning and   prevents pressure and flow loss
  • The rotor thrust washer, a key wear item, is replaced and lapped to match the rotor in order to prevent cross leakage
  • 6.0L and 466E pumps receive a new bolt and friction washer on the drive gear
  • Testing with inspections for pressure, flow and leaks using a custom built test stand and software

Stanadyne DS pump for GM 6.5TE engines

  • 100% NEW PMD
  • 100% NEW transfer pump blades
  • 100% NEW low-drag armature

Stanadyne DB2 pump for GM 6.2 & 6.5 and International 6.9 & 7.3 engines

  • 100% NEW transfer pump blades
  • 100% NEW delivery valve
  • 100% NEW advanced piston

Every fuel injection pump is thoroughly tested and precisely calibrated with computer-aided test equipment for consistent quality and performance. All Bosch injection pumps are calibrated on a state of the art Bosch 815 calibration stand. HEUI high pressure oil pumps are tested on a custom-built test stand to provide a live simulation of in-the-vehicle operation.

JASPER remanufactured fuel pumps are covered by a One Year Parts & Labor Warranty with no mileage restrictions. A full warranty disclosure is available on this website.

So in addition to diesel engines, please call JASPER for your remanufactured fuel pump needs.