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BUDS Program

Building, Understanding, Diversifying, and Sustaining

 Relationships with Associates



What makes Jasper Engines & Transmissions unique?

Beginning employment with a new company can be very challenging to say the least!  You’re in an unfamiliar place with people you’ve never met…and trying to learn a new job on top of it all!  That’s a lot to absorb at the start of a new career!

At Jasper Engines & Transmissions, we recognize it can be difficult moving to a new company!  That’s why we’ve created our BUDS Program!  With our BUDS Program, new Associate-Owners to JASPER are provided a BUD. 

So what, exactly, is a BUD?  A BUD is a fellow Associate-Owner who was also new to JASPER at one time.  The BUD meets with the new Associate-Owner to help them become more comfortable in their new environment.  The BUD will get to know you on a more personal level and answer any questions you may have as you transition into the JASPER culture.  The BUD will help you understand many of our policies and procedures as well as introducing you to other members of the JASPER family.

Our BUDS embrace our Servant Leadership philosophy…because they are here to serve you!!!

“When I started with JASPER, I was given a BUD.  My meetings with my BUD were great!  Not only did he make me feel welcome, but he also showed me that JASPER truly appreciated the fact that I was here!  Starting a new career can be intimidating, but at JASPER, with the help of my BUD, I quickly became a valued part of the JASPER family!”

Charles Pavlik
Transmission Division

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