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Onsite Clinic


What makes Jasper Engines & Transmissions unique?

Healthcare, and the quality of it, is very important to everyone in considering the best place to work.  Here at Jasper Engines & Transmissions, we recognize the importance of being and staying healthy.  As a result, we have created the area’s only on-site health clinic… JASPER Health WoRx!

At JASPER Health WoRx, located in both our Jasper (Wernsing Road) and Crawford County facilities, we offer treatment for flu, cold and sinus problems, other minor ailments.

Health WoRx also provides blood work, school physicals and other services…all for only $10 per visit!... AND prescriptions for medications that are maintained on site cost only $4!!!

Health WoRx has flexible hours to meet the needs of our Associate-Owners, Spouses and Dependents… and you don’t have to be on JASPER’s Healthcare plan to enjoy the benefits of Health WoRx!

Health WoRx even performs Outreach, where our Nurse Practitioners meet with Associate-Owners in their work environment to discuss current and potential health and wellness needs.

Quality of care means everything to the staff at Health WoRx.  For you, that means very little waiting time (under 5 minutes in most cases) and more caring time! 

Health WoRx can provide referrals to many of the area’s leading specialists as well… and we conduct extensive outreach efforts to help maintain a healthy lifestyle!

“Having JASPER Health WoRx onsite has been a huge benefit!  The staff is extremely friendly and the cost savings are great!  I can see the Nurse Practitioner for only a ten dollar co-pay…and get medication for only four dollars!  The combination of quality of care and low cost simply can’t be beat!”

Brent Seibert
Transmission Division

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