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Steady Work Schedule


What makes Jasper Engines & Transmissions unique?

The economy can be unpredictable. That’s bad enough, but when your weekly work schedule becomes unpredictable, that’s an entirely different story. JASPER realizes that a steady and consistent work schedule is a valuable benefit for our Associate-Owners. A consistent work schedule provides for a steady income, improved budgeting, family stability and happier, more fulfilled Associate-Owners. Since we were established in 1942, JASPER has maintained a steady work schedule, and we have never dropped below 40 hours per week. We all want a better life, and steady, consistent work weeks can help to provide just that. We are proud of the fact that our Associate-Owners are confident in knowing that they have both a work schedule and a company on which they can depend.

“We all have bills to pay.  Knowing that at JASPER, we have a consistent work schedule of at least 40 hours every week, it makes the budgeting process very easy.”

Edwin Cortez
Transmission Division

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