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Initial Training


What makes Jasper Engines & Transmissions unique?

We understand that many Associate-Owners who join the JASPER family do not have an automotive background, or have been exposed to the parts and tools involved in our processes. That is why we created our initial Training Program. During your first month with JASPER, you will spend a week in our offline training center, learning a variety of subjects including:

  • Safety - Our #1 priority is your safety! Much emphasis and focus will be placed teaching you how to work safely within our environment.
  • Lean manufacturing principles - How to reduce waste using tools JASPER already has in place
  • Common parts and tools
  • Proper machine usage
  • Effective use of documentation
  • Much more!

Under the supervision of one of our dedicated Trainers, you will have the opportunity to learn and understand processes related to the duties you’ll be performing. Our Trainers can address any questions or concerns you may have without the need to worry about interrupting the flow of production.  And, because our Trainers truly care about your success, they’ll work with you to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible before you move into the work environment.

“JASPER’s initial training program provides the perfect combination of Hands-On and Cultural training!  I not only learned the basics of my job, but also gained understanding of the history and culture of JASPER…along with the values JASPER prides itself on.  JASPER is committed to providing a great training experience!”

Josh Eckelbarger
Gas Engine Division

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