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Cross Training


In years gone by, working in a manufacturing environment often meant learning one position and performing that position for your entire career.  Times certainly have changed…especially at JASPER!  JASPER is a firm believer in the concept of cross-training.  As a JASPER Associate-Owner, you’ll have the opportunity to learn multiple positions, which is beneficial to both you and JASPER.  We know that performing the same job day in and day out can lead to repetitive motion injuries…not to mention sheer boredom!  Cross-training provides variety to make your work more safe and enjoyable!  For JASPER, your flexibility in performing multiple positions can quickly lead to professional and financial growth opportunities!

“I quickly realized how much being trained to perform multiple positions in my area helps us!  I can play a big role with meeting our production goals by jumping in when someone is out due to vacation, illness, etc. Cross-training and learning additional skills is a great way that JASPER helps us Own Our Future!”

Daniel Stiles
Transmission Division

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