Chesapeake Bay Fishing with JASPER Customers

2014 Fishing Pics_1

From left to right: Sonny Michaelszyn, AMF Auto Clinic; Gene Hammond, Sevys Auto; Mike Crilly, Crilly Car Cures; Frank Ricci, Car Clinic; Jeff Weigle, Chips Auto Center; Tom Wizda, Wizda Auto; Joe Tomlinson, JASPER Sales Representative; Dan Pizzuto, Southern Auto; Craig Hessenauer, JASPER Regional Vice President; Doug Durkee, Durkee Automotive.

Date: Thursday 5/8/14

The day started at 3:30 a.m. at the Christiana Mall in Newark, DE, where we all met to van-pool to the marina. Tom Wizda said, "On an overcast day, the fish really bite." How little did he know how true his statement would turn out to be.

We arrived at the marina in Chesapeake Beach, MD a little after 6 a.m. and set out on the 50' Bay Hunter. The mate had barely cast six lines when Tom Wizda landed the first rockfish of the day! The captain's excellent fish finding skills had us pulling in up to three fish at a time. All keepers, no less. Dan Pizzuto had the feistiest fish. It gave him a great fight and almost wiggled its way off the boat. Doug Durkee and Jeff Weigle helped the mate by manning the net during the furious fishing frenzy.

We trolled the Bay for a while for some catch and release while enjoying a "little boat ride," said Craig Hessenauer. The boat docked, the fish were filleted and we headed to a local restaurant to enjoy some lunch while discussing important issues facing shop owners today.

Memories were made that will not be forgotten.

Joe Tomlinson
JASPER Associate Owner

JASPER Supplier Award Winners for 2013

Jasper Engines and Transmissions has named its Supplier Award winners for 2013. There were 12 total recipients named in the following three categories:

Eagle Precision (Steel and Wave Plates; and Shims)
Auburn Gear (Cases and Housings)
BorgWarner (Friction Material, Sprags and Solenoids)
S.A. Gear (Gears and Timing Components)

NPR of America (Pistons and Piston Rings)
King Engine Bearings (Bearings and Washer Shims)
United Engine & Machine Co. (Pistons)
Exedy Group (Friction Material and Steel Plates)

Sonnax (Valve Body, Plate Cover and Transmission Parts)
Melling Engine Parts (Oil Pumps, Lifters and Pump Gears)
Elgin Industries (Rockers, Timing and Engine Parts)
Modern Silicone Technologies (Gasket Seals)

Each supplier received a trophy honoring their key role to the company as a true vendor partner in 2013.

JASPER presents these awards, annually, to recognize the company's Partners in Success. The Growth Award winners were based on an increase in the amount of dollars spent from 2012 to 2013 (minimum amount spent was $100,000).

The Quality Award listing was established by joint nominating efforts between JASPER Sourcing and Quality Teams in key areas such as: Corrective Action Requests, Warranties, Quality Control First-Piece History and Quality Issue Resolution.

The Service Award winners were established by joint nominating efforts between Sourcing and Buyers in key areas including: "Can Do" Attitude, Sense of Urgency, Timely Responses, Problem Resolution and High Level of Expertise.

"JASPER is proud to recognize all of the suppliers this year," says James Corbin, JASPER Quality Systems Manager. "We have developed great relationships with many of our suppliers and they continue to be critical partners in the success of Jasper Engines and Transmissions. In the aftermarket industry, we must all continue to work together to provide the highest-quality product and price to provide the greatest value to the customer."

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Friddle: Which Japanese automaker developed the Variable Valve Timing and
Lift Electronic Control (VTEC) system?

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Last Week’s Friddle: Who was the first woman to qualify and compete in
both the Indianapolis 500 and the Daytona 500

Last Week’s Friddle Answer: Janet Guthrie

Last Week’s Friddle Contest Winner: Jon F.

Automotive Trivia


Friddle: Who was the first woman to qualify and compete in both the
Indianapolis 500 and the Daytona 500?

Check our blog next Friday for the answer and another Friddle.

Last Week’s Friddle: What heating devices, resembling short metal pencils,
are used to assist in cold-weather starting of some diesel engines

Last Week’s Friddle Answer: Glowplugs

Last Week’s Friddle Contest Winner: Jeff

Over a Hundred Pints Donated and Counting...

Annual JASPER Blood Drive

That's right! Thus far, JASPER Associates have donated over 100 pints of blood in the last two days! Jasper Engines & Transmissions is once again hosting blood drives for the American Red Cross at not just one, but all three remanufacturing facilities. Donations from the Crawford facility's single-day and Jasper's two-day event have produced a combined total of 128 pints with the Willow Springs drive scheduled for tomorrow.

Here are some interesting facts about blood donations:
•  An average adult has about 10 pints of blood and roughly one pint is given during a donation
•  Every two seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood
•  The actual blood donation typically takes less than 10-12 minutes
•  A single donation can save up to three lives.

Thanks again to all of our Great JASPER Associates who have or will be donating. This is just another example of how our Associates are "Doing it Right!"

Another Remanufactured JASPER Differential is Now Available!

Nissan Dana 44 Rear Differential

JASPER is pleased to announce the release of the Nissan Dana 44 Differential.

Applications released include:
2004 - 2007

Titan RWD/4WD (Rear axle only)

This JASPER Remanufactured Differential has several advantages over Dealer O.E. and/or Competition
with updates including:

•  JASPER offers an available upgrade from the standard-style O.E. differential to a TrueLoc (TrueLoc
is a helical-gear style limited-slip differential that maximizes wheel traction and enhances driving and
handling characteristics)

•  100% of yokes are replaced or sleeved to achieve a perfect sealing surface.

•  Precise tooth contact pattern is set utilizing the full structure of the gear, on both the coast and drive
side of the ring and pinion, improving the life of the differential.

•  Three bottles of gear oil will be supplied with this differential at NO CHARGE!

•  Immediate availability!

For more information on the remanufactured products of Jasper Engines & Transmissions, please give us
a call at 800-827-7455.

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Friddle: What heating devices, resembling short metal pencils, are used
to assist in cold-weather starting of some diesel engines?

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Last Week’s Friddle Answer: Revolutions per Minute

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Automotive Trivia


Friddle: Regarding engine operation, what does the acronym RPM stand for?

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Last Week’s Friddle Answer: Audi

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Denny Hamlin Wins at Talladega with His JASPER 4-Speed

Joe Gibbs Racing driver Denny Hamlin took home the win in the Aaron's 499 at the Talladega Superspeedway this past weekend. It was his first win of the 2014 season and the second week in a row that a JASPER Race Product finished in first place. Clint Bowyer and Brian Vickers of Michael Waltrip Racing finished third and fourth, respectively. Denny, Clint and Brian were all running the JASPER 4-Speed Transmission.

A recap of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series finishes follows.

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series - Aaron's 499 - Talladega Superspeedway

1st     Denny Hamlin (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
3rd     Clint Bowyer (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
4th     Brian Vickers (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
12th   Kyle Busch (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
25th   Michael Waltrip (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
32nd   Joey Logano (JASPER Differential)
36th   Michael McDowell (JASPER Differential)
37th   Matt Kenseth (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
38th   Brad Keselowski (JASPER Differential)

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Standings

2nd    Matt Kenseth (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
3rd     Kyle Busch (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
6th     Joey Logano (JASPER Differential)
10th   Brian Vickers (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
11th   Brad Keselowski (JASPER Differential)
12th   Denny Hamlin (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
18th   Clint Bowyer (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
40th   Michael McDowell (JASPER Differential)

NASCAR Nationwide Series - Aaron's 312 - Talladega Superspeedway

21st   Ryan Blaney (JASPER Differential)

Next up...

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series - May 10: NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Under the Lights at Kansas Speedway

NASCAR Nationwide Series - May 18: NASCAR Nationwide Series May Iowa Race at Iowa Speedway

JASPER Balloon Finishes 1st in Derby Balloon Race

2014 Kentucky Derby Balloon Race_1

Pilot Warren Smith prepping the Jasper Engines & Transmissions Balloon before flight!

The Kentucky Derby Great Balloon Race was held this past Saturday in Louisville, Kentucky. Pilot briefing began at 5:00 AM and we were given the green light for flight! We drove out to Bowman field. The field of 31 balloons was ready to race. This was to be a hare and hound race. Just before 7:00 AM, we started our inflation.

A very good crowd was on hand for this early morning flight. The surface wind was light and out of the south. Only 200’ up, the winds switched around to be out of the west and were at 29 mph. The hare balloon flew about 7.5 miles to the east and landed in Tom Sawyer State Park. The “X” target was laid out on the RC airplane field. Around half of the balloons scored on the target. The Jasper Engines & Transmissions Balloon had a very good throw on the target.

The Awards Banquet was held at noon to honor all of the teams. The Jasper Engines & Transmissions Balloon was honored with a first place finish, beating out the United States Champion and the current World Champion. By winning first place, the Jasper Engines and Transmissions Balloon receives an automatic entry into next year’s race.