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Class II Engines

JASPER® has been building engines and transmissions since 1942, and in that time we've learned a few things... like, how to get every inch of power out of our performance products. Our Class II performance crate engines are designed to bring your vehicle to the next level.

If your passion lies with street rods, muscle cars, racing, or a project vehicle somewhere in between, JASPER has the crate engine, transmission or a combination of both that will give you the performance you need and fit your budget. We will also build custom applications.

Here are some of the attributes of JASPER's Class II Performance Crate Engines:

Preparation and Machining Specifications

  •     Thorough cleaning
  •     Serdi three angle valve seat machining
  •     Precise surface finish measuring
  •     Machining of block surface
  •     Main saddle align honing
  •     Electronically balanced engine assembly
  •     Torque plate honing
  •     Computerized boring
  •     Precision crankshaft machining, oil hole chamfering and polishing

Part Specifications

  •     New high performance rod bolts and nuts
  •     New high rev lifters and performance valve springs with retainers
  •     New high volume oil pump
  •     New double roller timing set
  •     New harmonic balancer
  •     New high performance bearings
  •     New flat top hypereutectic pistons

Please visit our Literature Downloads section to get our Performance Brochure and our specification sheets, or Contact Us for pricing or for more information.

Proudly built in the U.S.A.