Our Flag

Our Flag

As a way to show our support for this great country of ours, Jasper Engines & Transmissions makes it a normal practice to fly some of the largest American flags at our Jasper, Crawford County, and Willow Springs, Missouri, remanufacturing facilities.

The concept began in 1994, when an Associate came before JASPER's Executive Committee and asked that something special be done for the new addition at the Jasper facility. The American flag idea was taken from a flag display in nearby Bedford, Indiana. Donations were collected until the Crawford County facility opened in 1998. The Executive Committee decided at that time to take over the maintenance and upkeep of the flags at the Jasper and Crawford facilities. The original donations from the Associates are used to fund repairs and replacement flags.

The Jasper and Crawford facilities fly two different sizes of flags, depending on the time of the year. During the summer and fall months, JASPER flies the large 30 x 50-foot flag weighing 78 pounds. A smaller 40 pound flag, measuring 20' x 38', is used during winter and spring. The Willow Springs facility flies a 20' x 38' flag year-round.

Each flag is made from polyester and though it takes more wind to fly the heavy flags, the flag's material is much more durable in harsh weather.

Each flagpole is 80-feet tall and made from seamless extruded aluminum. The pole sits in a sleeve embedded in a concrete foundation set nine feet into the ground. The pole can withstand winds up to 90 miles per hour.

JASPER rotates two small flags and one large flag at a time at our Jasper and Crawford facilities. The flags are taken down as needed for maintenance and repairs. The lifespan of the groups of three flags is approximately two years. After their useful life, our local VFW post in Jasper properly retire the flags.
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