RAP®2 Remote Assist Program

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RAP®2 Remote Assist Program

Drew Technologies is a leading innovator in vehicle reprogramming. Automotive J2534 programming can be a difficult task. Drew Technologies revolutionized the automotive aftermarket industry with the introduction of its Remote Assist Program (RAP®). RAP®2 expands your technician’s capabilities to include European vehicles with the same straightforward process.

Jasper is your source for the next generation of the Drew Technologies Remote Assist Program. RAP®2 is more capable than ever and now includes BMW and Mercedes-Benz capabilities. Using the RAP®2 is as easy as scheduling a call, plugging in the kit, and powering it up.

With the RAP®2, there is no need to purchase additional tools or OEM subscriptions to service customers. RAP®2 Service Technicians do the programming, eliminating the need to outsource jobs and freeing up technicians for more highly skilled labor.

The RAP®2 allows technicians to:

  • Finish the job correctly
  • Keep the vehicle in your shop
  • Increase profits
  • Increase customer satisfaction

The RAP®2 kit includes:

  • Windows Tablet PC
  • An additional hard drive to allow for future expansion as new OE’s are added
  • The same trusted J2534 device found in the original RAP®
  • 4G Modem* for fast wireless internet access
  • Subscription to Diagnostic Network included!
  • OEM subscriptions
  • A 90–amp battery maintainer capable of handling European amperage requirements

For more information, read these frequently asked questions about the RAP®2.

To see how easy RAP®2 is to use, watch this video.

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