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JASPER Carries a Wide Variety of Turbos and Fuel Components

Diesel Air and Fuel Components including turbochargers, injectors, injection pumps, EGR coolers, and remanufactured cylinder heads.

In the world of diesel air and fuel components, JASPER stands above the competition. We specialize in providing dependable turbos and fuel components for various applications. Our commitment to innovation, coupled with our extensive industry experience, allows us to consistently deliver reliable, top-quality solutions.

Why Choose Jasper Engines & Transmissions for Diesel Air and Fuel Components?

Our diverse product line is meticulously engineered to meet the unique demands of various industries, including automotive, marine, and fleet. Products include fuel pumps, high-pressure oil pumps, injectors, turbochargers, EGR coolers, and cylinder heads. Additionally, JASPER provides Fuel Injector Control Modules (FICMs), Injection Pressure Regulator (IPR) valves, and contamination kits for added convenience. By purchasing a JASPER product, you’re investing in unparalleled performance and durability.

Here’s a brief explanation of the components offered:

  • Fuel Pumps: Fuel Pumps are essential in supplying fuel to the engine. They ensure proper fuel delivery for combustion.
  • High-Pressure Oil Pumps: High-Pressure Oil Pumps generate and deliver high-pressure oil to the fuel injectors, enabling efficient and precise fuel injection into the engine cylinders.
  • Injectors: Injectors are crucial in delivering fuel into the combustion chamber at the right time and amount.
  • Turbochargers: Turbochargers increase an engine’s efficiency and power output by compressing air before it enters the combustion chamber.
  • EGR Coolers: EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) coolers help reduce emissions by recirculating an engine’s exhaust gases back into the combustion process.
  • Cylinder Heads: Cylinder heads house the combustion chambers and allow for efficient heat dissipation.
  • Fuel Injector Control Modules (FICMs): FICMs control and regulate the operation of fuel injectors, ensuring precise fuel delivery.
  • Injection Pressure Regulator (IPR) Valves: IPR valves regulate the pressure of the oil used in fuel injection systems, contributing to proper engine performance.

Remanufactured heads for GM, Ford, and Dodge/RAM/Jeep gas engine applications are available. JASPER also stocks turbochargers for domestic and import gas engines.

Trust Jasper Engines & Transmissions for Your Diesel Air and Fuel Components

JASPER is synonymous with dependability. Here’s why you can trust us for all your air & fuel component needs:

Industry-Leading Warranty and Customer Support: We stand behind the quality of our products with an industry-leading warranty and our dedicated customer service technicians are always ready to assist you.

Compliance with Industry Standards: Our products meet and exceed industry standards, giving you peace of mind knowing that our components are of the highest quality and compliant with all relevant regulations.

Proven Track Record: With over 80 years experience in remanufacturing, Jasper Engines & Transmissions has a proven track record of delivering reliable components and customer satisfaction. Trust JASPER to deliver top-quality products backed by an industry-leading warranty.
JASPER is committed to offering high-quality and reliable solutions for diesel engines. If you have questions or need detailed information regarding our diesel air & fuel components, please contact one of our sales agents at 800-827-7455 ext. 97182.
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