Our History


What began as one man’s insight has evolved into a 100% Associate Owned company with an ongoing commitment to quality making JASPER the largest, strongest mass-remanufacturer in the world.

1942 - Founded

JASPER Engines & Transmissions was founded in 1942 through the vision of Alvin C. Ruxer who at the time was the operator of a successful Ford dealership. Up to 1942, the Ford agency had seen uninterrupted growth.

However, with the outbreak of the Second World War, new cars became less available as factories turned their resources toward munitions and war materials. It was then that Alvin Ruxer began rebuilding gasoline engines to extend the life of present vehicles and provide another channel of income. This new operation originated in the 12 x 20 ft. wash rack of the Ford dealership and marked the beginning of what would become JASPER Engines & Transmissions.

1946 - By the Book

After the war ended, JASPER saw a continued need for replacement engines. In 1946, the company made two decisions that would influence the quality and continued acceptance of its product. The first was to remanufacture "by the book" to manufacturer's specifications.

The second, was to install a standard set of new parts, recycling only the five major castings. These two rules are the cornerstone that has allowed the company to achieve its high level of success.

1951 - New Building

In 1951, a new building was constructed on the east side of town to accommodate the growing engine operation. This building is shown to the right.

In the years that followed, JASPER began delivering their products to customers by pick-up truck. As orders grew, they worked up to the purchase of their first tractor trailer which was operated by Othmar Schepers.

The picture below was taken from inside the new JASPER Engine Exchange building and proudly displays one of industry's early aids in production, the roller conveyor.

1957 - Growth

As JASPER continued to grow, it became obvious that the engine was not the only component that held potential for remanufacturing. So, the next logical move was to step into the transmission business in 1957, creating Jasper Transmission Exchange. Focusing on light-duty automatic transmissions, the division worked in a 3,000 square foot facility.

Pictured below is Cletus Brinkman, department head in heavy duty transmissions.

1959 - Indiana Tool and Die Acquired

Indiana Tool and Die was acquired in 1959 to remanufacture torque converters, complementing the transmission line. Prior to this, many intricate and delicate parts were farmed out to other companies for exact tooling requirements. Production and shipping costs as well as other inconveniences made it difficult to build engines and transmissions on a competitive scale.

As both the engine and transmission businesses grew in strength and number, it became increasingly apparent they should be housed under one roof. In 1965, both operations were brought together in a new and larger building that would accommodate future expansion. This site is JASPER's present location on Hwy. 231 South, which is now known as 815 Wernsing Road.

1959 - Production Increase

The original 75,000 sq. ft. facility housed all of the remanufacturing and machine shop operations, as well as the offices. At that time, JASPER produced 1,200 gasoline engines and 500 transmissions each month.

When JASPER first started diesel remanufacturing on a production line basis in February of 1968, plans were to build at least six engines the first year. However, 16 diesels were completely remanufactured at the JASPER factory during the first 12 months! Included in the new addition was a diesel service and installation department. This service was added to save diesel operators thousands of dollars in downtime.

1976 - Adding To Factory

Increased demand for JASPER factory exchange diesel engines and the need for every inch of available space prompted JASPER to begin construction of a 22,200 sq. ft. addition to their factory.

As part of this new addition, a special fuel room, predecessor to the present air conditioned and dust-free Fuel Department, was built to handle the delicate remanufacturing and testing of fuel injection systems and pumps.

In 1976, JASPER began the production of exchange differential assemblies for heavy duty trucks. This division was established to provide exchange replacement as well as a readily available stock of all types of differentials.

1987 - Alvin Ruxer Sold His Company

In 1987, Alvin Ruxer sold his company to the existing management team. Looking toward its future, JASPER empowered its Associates to implement the company's philosophy of a continuous improvement in safety, quality, productivity and customer service. A reduction in waste was formally added to this philosophy in 2008.

During the same year, JASPER organized its Marine Division to remanufacture inboard and I/O engines and sterndrives. That product line would later be expanded to include outboard lower units and outboard powerheads. The JASPER Electric Motors Division was also started to expand the company's capabilities into motor rewinding and repair.

1989 - Entering Racing Arena

JASPER entered the racing arena in 1989 when it sponsored Ken Ragan in three (what was then) Winston Cup races. Throughout the years, the company sponsored a number of drivers and fielded a number of paint schemes.

Today, JASPER's focus is on building transmissions and differentials for a number of full time NASCAR Sprint Cup and Nationwide Series teams.

The JASPER 4-Speed Transmission and the JASPER Differential have garnered 93 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series wins and 316 Top 5 finishes since 2006. The JASPER 4-Speed Transmission has supplied some of the top race teams with wins on all track configurations – Super Speedways, Road Courses and Short Tracks.


JASPER stayed on the performance "track" in 1989 launching its Performance Division in order to build engines and transmissions for street, strip and circle track applications.

Today, JASPER is the nation's leading remanufacturer of a diverse line of drivetrain components. Annual production includes over 150,000 gas and diesel engines, transmissions, differentials and rear axle assemblies. The facility built in 1965 has undergone 10 expansions over the years.


JASPER personnel have been named Remanufacturer of the Year an unprecedented three times by PERA, The Production Engine Remanufacturers Association, an international organization of the company's peers.

Corporate and remanufacturing operations are located in Jasper, Indiana, where the company operates four remanufacturing facilities. Remanufacturing facilities are also located in Crawford County, Indiana (the site of a distribution center as well) and Willow Springs, Missouri. A second distribution center is located in Kingman, Arizona, to provide greater availability to JASPER's West Coast Customers.

1998 - Crawford

In 1998, the Crawford County facility opened. The new facility contained 237,000 square feet of office and factory space, including a state-of-the-art waste water treatment facility. Initially, Crawford County was a core processing center. Cores were stored, disassembled, and cleaned, and then shipped to the headquarters in Jasper for the remanufacturing and shipping process.

In 2000, a 100,000 square foot distribution warehouse was added to the Crawford County facility. Once this was complete, production of select gas engines and transmissions also began at Crawford. Today, once the remanufacturing process is completed, all products from Jasper, Crawford, and Willow Springs are sent to this warehouse where they can be distributed by JET Transit to branches and customers.

2004 - Willow Springs

In 2004, Doug Bawel and a team of manufacturing Associates set off to Willow Springs, Missouri in hopes of purchasing some used equipment from the recently closed facility, Engine Supply. While in town, they met with some of the local officials who suggested that JASPER® start an operation at that same location. Doug assured them we were only there to purchase used equipment. However, later that day Doug and the team had lunch with a group of former employees of Engine Supply. He was so impressed with the passion of that group, the decision to purchase the facility was made before they left Willow Springs.

After purchasing the facility in Willow Springs, Doug and a JASPER maintenance crew spent several months in Willow Springs completely cleaning and gutting the 102,600 square foot facility. It was operational by July 1st of that year, with a significant amount of the former employees hired by JASPER.

Willow initially began production of gas engines, but after just three months in operation, they added transmission production as well.

Today, Willow Springs produces gas engines and transmissions, and provides additional warehouse space.

2007 - Authentic Division

At JASPER, we understand the pride and satisfaction that accompanies classic car ownership. We launched our Authentic Custom Drivetrains Division with a staff that share the same feelings in the quality of their work, making sure our customers are satisfied with every detail of this exciting experience.

We offer custom remanufacturing for gas engines, transmissions and differentials. Authentic gas engines can include a numbers-matching build, original paint colors, testing and, upon request and for an additional charge, valuable documentation of the remanufacturing process.

When a customer requests a documentation package, they receive bill of material, specifications, dynamometer reports (if appropriate) and detailed in-process information, including photos. Just about anything a customer would like to know about their engine is provided, as it goes through our extensive and proven remanufacturing process. This wealth of reports and photos, specific to the customer’s engine build, will be provided to them in hard copy after the final bolt is tightened.

2010 - ESOP

“What will happen to our brand, our people, and our community?” This was a question proposed by our CEO Doug Bawel several years ago when Jasper Engines & Transmissions was approached by a larger competitor to purchase the company. That question led the owners, made up of family members primarily of the Schwenk and Bawel families, to discuss the future of JASPER®. They wanted to protect our people and their families, the local communities, our quality products and the name behind them. According to Doug, selling the company “just didn’t feel right.” In order to preserve what JASPER has built since 1942, based on our founder Alvin C. Ruxer’s principle, “to think differently and work a little harder”, the owners confidently decided against selling the company and instead, formed a 100% ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan).

Since the inception of the ESOP in 2010, JASPER has seen immense growth. In 2010, we had grown to approximately $280 million in revenue and approximately 1,800 Associates nationwide. In the last 12 years we have continued to grow and prosper through some strategic acquisitions which included Mac Motors Postal Parts, Weller Truck Parts, Diesel USA Group, D&W Diesel, and Jer-Den Plastics. Today, we have $1 Billion in revenue, over 4,300 Associate-Owners and our stock has grown from $2.30/share to over $873.48/share in 13 years. We have expanded our drivetrain remanufacturing facilities in Jasper, Leavenworth, IN and Willow Springs, MO.

2012 - Health Worx

At JASPER, we are a Family, and as a Family, it is important to take care of one another. This is why we opened JASPER Health WoRx in Jasper and Crawford on February 1, 2012. Since its inception, Health WoRx has created a convenient health care option for Associate-Owners and their Families – by allowing easier and closer access to great health care, keeping Associate-Owners and their Families well. What began as an on-site health care center has evolved into something greater over the years. Today, Associate-Owners can depend on Health WoRx for their yearly health screenings, tobacco cessation, weight reduction, and annual flu shots to name a few. The staff now also includes an on-site chaplain, a dietitian, and a physical and occupational therapist. Programs have grown by including a prenatal program to help expecting families, On-Target Health which helps people achieve a healthier lifestyle, and Amwell - a web based, telemedicine app that assists Associates with doctor visits on nights and weekends.

2014 - Weller Truck Parts

Weller Truck Parts became part of the JASPER family in 2014. WELLER is well known for providing transmissions and differentials, along with steering gearboxes, to the medium and heavy-duty truck aftermarket, a market in which JASPER has not been deeply involved for some time. Our acquisition of Weller has been a great complement to each of our company’s existing product offerings and has provided both of our organizations with the opportunity to share best practices so that we can each improve our respective products and processes.

2014 - Power Drive

April 30, 2014, was the day JASPER Chairman/CEO, Doug Bawel, joined state and local officials in announcing the company’s plans to expand its footprint in the community, create additional jobs, and reinvest in a vacant 220,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Jasper, Indiana.

Fast-forward to May 2015… The last of the Transmission Division components that had called the Wernsing Road Facility home since 1965, were transported half a mile southwest to JASPER’s new Drivetrain Remanufacturing Facility (Power Drive). The first transmission remanufactured at Power Drive was completed on September 8, 2014, barely four months after the April announcement.

By September 2015, the last major division to move into Power Drive, was complete. The Differential Division moved from 9,600 square feet of workspace at Jasper West to nearly 15,000 square feet of space at Power Drive.

Power Drive was JASPER’s fifth remanufacturing facility, joining the Wernsing Road and Jasper West facilities (located in Jasper, Indiana). JASPER also has facilities in Crawford County, Indiana, and Willow Springs, Missouri.

Diesel USA Group

Diesel USA Group was acquired in May of 2019 as a distribution, service and repair company servicing air and fuel products for gas and diesel engines along with a variety of other complementary products. We have been in the air and fuel business as part of our diesel remanufacturing process since the late 1960s. Over the past several years, JASPER has focused more on this product line and recognizes opportunities with the increased use of turbochargers on passenger cars, light trucks, and SUVs.

2021 - D&W Diesel

D&W Diesel was acquired in October of 2021 by Jasper Holdings, Inc. D&W is a premier remanufacturer and distributor of a full line of diesel engine components, including fuel injection components, turbochargers, rotating electric, air compressors, and much more. They offer a full line of industrial products and services, including custom-built air compressor systems from Gardner Denver, and provide field service. They also design, build, and install custom tank truck systems to load and unload liquid and dry bulk materials. This is the next step in expanding the Jasper Holdings, Inc. footprint in the fuel and air products aftermarket, along with additional new products and services.

2022 - Jer-Den Plastics

Jer-Den Plastics became part of the JASPER family in October of 2022. Jer-Den Plastics has over 30 years of plastics processing experience, providing high-quality rotational molded products for the construction, commercial, industrial, material handling, marine, toy, and recreational vehicle industries. They also offer a host of secondary in-house services, including routing, flame treating, foam filling, spin welding, and hardware installation, in order to offer its valued customers rapid, cost-effective, "one-stop" manufacturing.

Present Day

JASPER Engines & Transmissions employs over 2,300 Associates, and our products are distributed through a network of 51 Branch Locations Nationwide throughout the United States.

Our mission statement is simple: "Do It Right and Have Fun!" We are committed to remain a leading force in the automotive industry. Progressive programs of research and new product development enable us to provide quality value-oriented products second to none.
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