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What makes Jasper Engines & Transmissions unique?

How about having a couple of ways to earn additional income beyond your regular pay!

At JASPER, we’re always looking for better ways to perform our work… and we want every Associate-Owner to be involved in the process!  As such, JASPER has developed a Continuous Improvement, or C.I., program.  With our C.I. program, you simply complete a quick form on an idea you have, and if that idea is implemented, you can earn some extra cash!

Another great way to earn extra money is through our Associate-Owner Referral program!  Our Associate-Owners are JASPER’s best recruiters… and we want to reward you for your efforts.  Associate-Owners can earn up to $2,500 for referring a candidate who joins the JASPER team!

“I think the referral program is fantastic!  It’s a great tool to obtain great people…and it awards our Associate-Owners for referring great people to join the JASPER family!”

Stephen Lubbehusen
Branch Operations Manager

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