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HP Tuner Collaboration

For many years, there have been conversations regarding the best diesel engine/truck combinations. Many of those conversations often end with a Cummins powerplant and a Ford Super Duty Chassis Beginning in mid-2003 and running until the end of 2010. Normally as a customer your options were to deal with a 6.0L PSD high-pressure oiling system, that on its best day, was prone to failure, or a 6.4L PSD that found all-new ways to leave its owners on the side of the road. HP Tuners decided to enter this conversation with a 2003 Ford Excursion, ditch the 6.0L PSD and place a 6.7L Cummins in front of the 5R110w trans (Kitchens, 2021).

Jonathan Kitchens the originator of the idea said it sparked from his own desire to upgrade his vehicle after having his own Power stroke setbacks. Combine that with an upcoming engineering project and the vehicle build for the HP Tuner Excursion was set in motion.  After doing immense research prior to the build, the before and after are a great pair.

The build concept was a such: Overlanding has become a huge market, within the off-road industry. The Ford Excursion is considered a great choice for this market. With its stable platform (Ford ¾ ton Super Duty) and spacious interior (largest SUV ever produced), it is a natural fit. This build will incorporate proven off-road suspension, upgraded axles and driveline components, long range capacity, all while carrying a passenger load of 7 (Kitchens, 2021). HP Tuners sourced a 2011-12 6.7L from JASPER Engines along with retaining all the Cummins factory emissions (EGR, DOC, DPF, IAT, VGT) Mated to the Ford 5R110w Transmission (Kitchens, 2021). All diagnostics are wired through the OBD2 port, where a HP Tuner MPVI+ can program and scan the engine and transmission. This means consumers can check their engines and transmission with the same tool.

We at JASPER jumped on board, excited to collaborate. Brad Boeglin Group Leader of the New Product Development department teamed up with Jonathan and HP Tuners to build a Running Complete 6.7 Cummins for the powertrain of this expedition.

“HP Tuners are the experts in electronics/tuning and are a rapidly growing company that has a high value for customer service” Said Boeglin, “had a great time collaborating on this project and building the relationship between our two companies. Looking forward to work with Jonathan and the team at HP Tuners in the future.”


Additional sponsors of the build alongside JASPER included: Diesel Conversion Specialists, Mishimoto, Hammerhead, FASS Diesel Fuel Systems, GDP & BD Diesel   

*All detailed information comes from the build pdf itself; we do not own the rights to this copy. It was given to us by Jonathan Kitchens*