JASPER Health WoRx Expands Services through Telemedicine

JASPER Health WoRx Expands Services through Telemedicine

   Jasper Engines & Transmissions is pleased to announce its wholly-owned subsidiary, JASPER Health WoRx, is expanding its onsite health and wellness services through its newest offering of TELEMEDICINE.  JASPER Health WoRx began a journey earlier this year to take their services to the next level by introducing TELEMEDICINE between their two southern Indiana sites.  When one location’s appointment slots are full, patients can schedule a live privacy-secured video visit with a provider at the other site rather than waiting a longer period of time for a walk-in visit.  An outside service, American Well, has been a great partner to offer TELEMEDICINE for JASPER’s population across the country for several years now, yet this newest endeavor only adds to that convenience and enables greater continuity of care by utilizing JASPER Health WoRx’s own team to continue building relationships, particularly since patients will typically see one of the same two or three nurse practitioners each time.  Because of the success thus far of the TELEMEDICINE program, JASPER Health WoRx has expanded this offering to its Willow Springs, Missouri manufacturing site of over 200 Associate-Owners plus their family members.  Willow Springs is located in somewhat of a rural area, as well, so JASPER Health WoRx’s TELEMEDICINE, coupled with continued availability of American Well, strengthens their opportunity to timely access to high quality health and wellness support. 

     JASPER Health WoRx began operations of two onsite health and wellness facilities in southern Indiana in February 2012, offering quality, low-cost, convenient, and readily-available support for Jasper Engines & Transmissions’ Associate-Owners, their spouses, and dependent children.  Since that time, thousands of visits have occurred to complement current physician-patient relationships for acute and chronic medical conditions, administer health screens and other preventive wellness activities, draw labs, obtain certain medications onsite to avoid delays in getting a prompt start on them – all without leaving the premises – and much more, including some occupational medicine.  The medical team and other supporting roles, consisting of a local physician medical director providing oversight, nurse practitioners, nurses, certified diabetic coach, dietitian, certified medical assistant, occupational therapist, occupational therapy assistants, massage therapist, chaplain, and on-call physician specialists have addressed health-related concerns and provided support in many other ways to help all Associate-Owners and their family members achieve their high quality of life. 

     This latest expansion of services continues to demonstrate the commitment shown by Jasper

Engines & Transmissions, along with the JASPER Health WoRx team, to Associate-Owners and their family members.


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