Fleet Business: A Great Opportunity for Sales Growth

Many service professionals have improved their businesses by documenting and honing their processes and systems. They also found that creating a strong unwavering culture that put their people first was a positive turning point in their business.  When your people come first, they take care of your customers and allow for organic sales growth. Your team and your customers are appreciated, and your systems ensure their success and satisfaction.

When your business is firing on all cylinders, stretching your sales growth goal is not hard to do. Those two components, systems and culture, convey the confidence to consider a double-digit growth goal. It can be as high as 15 or even 25 percent; sometimes known as ‘Big Audacious Goals.’

Growing your fleet business is a great tactic in a double-digit growth strategy. Fleet business is different than traditional motorist volume. Fleet opportunities will not come to you. You will need to go after fleet business by becoming the sales person or face of the business.  For many owners, being a sales person is out of their comfort zone, however, this may be the only way to grow your fleet sales.

Fleet owners or managers are always looking to talk to a facility that can help them control their costs and keep their fleet running reliably at all times. When their fleet does not move they do not make money. Keep in mind, your call to a potential fleet customer provides the fleet an option. Do not expect a yes on the first call, it may take a while to land a fleet but keep in touch and never give up! Always ask when they would prefer you to follow up with them.

There are a few ways to find fleet business opportunities: google local businesses, sit at a busy gas station and write down fleet names proudly displayed on vehicles, drive through the industrial parks in your marketing areas and lastly, ask your current customers.

Your fleet customer will be looking for convenience, a job done right and on time. It should not be too hard to integrate fleet business into your business model. If you need a higher bay door to accommodate larger fleet vehicles you may need to wait, but there are big opportunities for fleet business without modifying your bay door or building size.

You must have a strong value proposition to offer the fleet customer. Ask yourself, why would a fleet customer drive by three other shops to get to you? When you answer that question, you have your value proposition. Never present yourself as a sales person rather as a solution provider.

Fleet business will require you to have some flexibility because every fleet has different expectations. Relationships will become the most important part of the transaction. It goes without saying that honesty and integrity will rule and always be in the customers’ interest.

Fleet business can sustain your revenue during the up and down times of the year. Get out of your comfort zone and take on the challenge to grow your fleet business!

For more how-to’s and an in-depth discussion on fleet business, please listen to a great Town Hall Academy on Growing Your Fleet Business here: http://remarkableresults.biz/a048


Carm Capriotto 
Host, Remarkable Results Radio Podcast

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