A New Quick and Easy Way to Schedule a Core Pick-up!

The Customer Installation Instructions packaged with each JASPER Product
will include a QR Code which links to the JASPER Core Pick-up Page.

Moving forward, June 1st, 2016 and after, all JASPER Products being produced will include a Core Pick-up QR Code at the lower right folded corner of the Customer Installation Instructions. To use this convenient new service, all you will need is a smartphone or tablet with a QR Code Reader App (which can be downloaded for free from most App Stores). Simply open a QR Code Reader App, scan the Core Pick-up QR Code, enter the Production Number located at the lower left folded corner of the Customer Installation Instructions, enter your zip code and tap the Request Pickup button. You’re done! It’s just that easy. Customers will also still be able to schedule a core pick-up without the QR Code on the JASPER website or by phone. This QR Code is just another way JASPER can add convenience to you and your busy schedule.

Note: Units already in inventory at our distribution centers and branches will not include this code.



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