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Two Retirement Plans




How many other companies offer not one, but TWO Retirement Plans to help you Own Your Future!!!


With JASPER’s 401K plan, you can make a contribution of up to 75% of your weekly pay. JASPER then matches your contribution 50 cents on the dollar up to $6,000.  That means you can receive as much as $3,000 extra into your account each year!   Also, JASPER accepts rollovers from other qualified plans. 

Most importantly, our 401K has outperformed more than 90% of the stock market over the past 15 years!

Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

JASPER is a 100% Associate-Owned company.  As such, we are proud to offer Associate-Owners our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).  With our ESOP plan, simply by being a JASPER Associate-Owner, you will automatically receive shares of stock FREE!  The value of your account is directly related to JASPER’s success.  As JASPER’s profits grow, so does your account!  As you can see below, our stock price has sky-rocketed over the past seven years… and who wouldn’t want to be a part of that!

“To me, contributing to the 401K is a No-Brainer.  You receive a guaranteed 50% return on investment each year, up to $6,000 invested.  That’s free money!  With JASPER’s historically strong rates of return, it’s a valuable investment.”

“What’s great about our ESOP is that our Associate-Owners control how well it does.  If we continue to be successful as Associate-Owners and as a company, the ESOP will continue to be successful.  We truly Own Our Future in this regard.”

Anthony Seng
Pricing/Costing Analyst

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