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Air & Fuel Products

JASPER specializes in providing dependable diesel air and fuel components for various applications. This product line includes fuel pumps, high-pressure oil pumps, injectors, turbochargers, EGR coolers, and cylinder heads. Additionally, JASPER provides Fuel Injector Control Modules (FICMs), Injection Pressure Regulator (IPR) valves, and contamination kits for added convenience. 

Here’s a brief explanation of the components offered:

  • Fuel Pumps: Fuel Pumps are essential in supplying fuel to the engine. They ensure proper fuel delivery for combustion.
  • High-Pressure Oil Pumps: High-Pressure Oil Pumps generate and deliver high-pressure oil to the fuel injectors, enabling efficient and precise fuel injection into the engine cylinders.
  • Injectors: Injectors are crucial in delivering fuel into the combustion chamber at the right time and amount.
  • Turbochargers: Turbochargers increase an engine’s efficiency and power output by compressing air before it enters the combustion chamber.
  • EGR Coolers: EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) coolers help reduce emissions by recirculating an engine’s exhaust gases back into the combustion process.
  • Cylinder Heads: Cylinder heads house the combustion chambers and allow for efficient heat dissipation.
  • Fuel Injector Control Modules (FICMs): FICMs control and regulate the operation of fuel injectors, ensuring precise fuel delivery.
  • Injection Pressure Regulator (IPR) Valves: IPR valves regulate the pressure of the oil used in fuel injection systems, contributing to proper engine performance.

Remanufactured heads for GM, Ford, and Dodge/RAM/Jeep gas engine applications are available. JASPER also stocks turbochargers for domestic and import gas engines.

JASPER is committed to offering high-quality and reliable solutions for diesel engines. If you have questions or need detailed information regarding our diesel air & fuel components, please contact one of our sales agents at 800-827-7455 ext. 97182.

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