The JASPER Process: Diesel Engines

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Our Process

Install your JASPER® remanufactured diesel engines with confidence. Every JASPER diesel engine is backed by a nationwide warranty of up to 2 years unlimited mileage. Here’s the process we go through to ensure that kind of reliability. Our optional Premium Service Plan provides allowances for such items as towing, car rental, fluids and premium labor should a problem arise.

Every diesel engine is completely disassembled. Blocks, heads, rods, crankshafts and camshafts are thoroughly cleaned to remove all contaminants which can lead to early component and engine failure.

Crankshafts are precision machined to exact tolerances and polished to a micro finish, then inspected with a profilometer. Diesel engine crankshafts are also inspected for magnetism and demagnetized so as to not attract metal particles generated by normal engine break-in.

Camshafts are inspected for magnetism, demagnetized and precisely machined to provide correct lift.

Blocks are magnetic particle inspected for cracks or imperfections. Cylinders are bored and honed (as applicable to engine design) and gauged to precise tolerances. Computer controlled equipment is used during boring to maintain correct cylinder-to-crankshaft alignment for smooth piston travel. Torque plate honing is performed on specific engines to eliminate cylinder head distortion after the head is bolted and torqued to the block. This process eliminates a major cause of engine blow-by. Block surfaces are machined and then inspected with a profilometer to ensure proper finish.

Connecting rods in JASPER’s diesel engines are cleaned, then machined to O.E.M. specifications and honed to the standard diameter of original equipment for even distribution of stress on the bearings. New bushings are installed and machined in all bushed rods. Every rod is carefully inspected for bend and twist.

Heads are resurfaced to assure a proper sealing surface with the block and a finish compatible with today’s new gasket materials. Valve height is miked and every head is vacuum tested to assure correct valve seating.

Fuel components are remanufactured by skilled technicians in a climate controlled and electronically air filtered environment. Fuel injection pumps and injectors (both mechanical and electronic) are remanufactured, tested and calibrated on state of the art equipment or replaced with new. Computer aided equipment electronically measures fuel delivery and assists in precise pump adjustment. The remanufacturing of fuel components assures the consistent quality and performance of JASPER diesel engines.

JASPER diesel engines receive a standard set of new parts such as rings, bearings, gaskets and seals, liners, hoses and belts, fittings and more as applicable to engine design. JASPER’s new parts replacement assures consistent performance and reliability throughout the life of your engine.

Every JASPER complete diesel engine is tested. All running complete engines are live-run dynamometer tested under varying loads simulating in-the-vehicle operation. Units receive a pre-start and basic run-in inspection as well as final run-in and final inspection to assure peak performance and operating efficiency. Horsepower and RPM readings are monitored and recorded at varied and full loads. The engine is completely tuned including valve train adjustments. All functions of the injection pump, injectors and governor are verified.

Install JASPER with confidence. Every JASPER diesel engine is backed by a nationwide warranty. JASPER diesels receive up to 2 years unlimited mileage warranty coverage. A technical hotline (1-800-827-7455) and 24 hour 7 day emergency warranty information are also available. A full warranty disclosure is available by clicking here.

JASPER offers immediate availability on many engines. JASPER delivers through a large and growing network of branches throughout the country. JASPER quality remanufactured components are available from coast to coast and beyond.

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