Diesel Engine Formats

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Diesel Engine Formats

JASPER® offers two different formats of remanufactured diesel engines based upon your needs and application.

The Running Complete Engine is a dynamometer tested format.  Our remanufacturing process for running completes begins with using a standard set of new internal parts. 

All other castings and components will be remanufactured to O.E.M. specifications. This engine will generally include the block, heads, valve covers, oil pump and pan, timing cover, fuel injection pump with injectors, turbo (if applicable), intake manifold, water pump and oil cooler. (Some of these components may not be included with particular engines or applications based on engine type.) Our engines do not include belts, hoses, sending units, exhaust manifolds, air compressors, flywheel, fan blade, remote oil coolers, starter, alternator or any special drive units. Electronic engines may include sensors and/or select electronic components. The engine will be dynamometer tested with recorded checks on horsepower, RPM and oil pressure. All phases of the governor, valve train and fuel injection system will be adjusted.

The JASPER complete diesel format is typically minus the fuel components among other accessories. All other castings and components will be remanufactured to O.E.M. (Original Equipment Manufacturer) specifications. The Complete Engine will be tested and will include the block, heads, oil pump and oil pan, oil cooler, front cover, and finishing gaskets, depending on engine model.

The above are typical examples and may vary by specific diesel engine model and application.

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