2WD/4WD Rear Differentials

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Remanufactured 2WD/4WD Rear Differentials

Jasper Engines & Transmissions offers a complete line of full-float and semi-float rear wheel drive differentials for Dana/Spicer, Dodge, Ford, GM, RAM and even Isuzu, Mercedes, Nissan and Toyota truck applications – up to 2 tons. The thorough remanufacturing processes of JASPER® assure consistent quality and reliable performance:

  • Housings are checked for straightness and, if necessary, are straightened with an industrial grade press.
  • Bearings are preloaded to OEM specifications for longer bearing life, smooth operation and proper break-in.
  • Loctite® is applied to bearing races to ensure maximum securement.
  • Remanufactured differentials are inspected for correct backlash clearance to assure proper gear lubrication for reduced noise and to avoid overheating, especially in severe-duty applications.
  • Tooth contact pattern is inspected and adjusted to utilize the full structure of the gear for minimum gear noise and reduced fatigue.
  • Bearing bores on semi-float differentials are inspected for correct dimensional tolerances. Bores can become distorted from wear and if the bearing race has spun in the bore. Bores that are found to be out of round are machined and sleeved to original dimensions.
  • Electric and air lockers for Jeep differentials are installed if your application is so equipped.

During the remanufacturing process, JASPER has the ability to remanufacture axle ends on full-float applications up to 1 ½ tons. OE spindle end specifications are met through a comprehensive welding process and/or replacement on full-float differentials.

Bearing kits for full-float differentials are available for your convenience. We also stock axle shafts for specific applications of semi-float differentials.

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