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Remanufactured Differentials FAQs

USED: Used differentials are generally removed from a junkyard vehicle and may not even receive a surface cleaning to remove outside road dirt. Used differentials are normally not disassembled, internally cleaned, or inspected. Used or junkyard components often have high mileage along with a poor history of maintenance – this can be a failure waiting to happen. Used or junkyard differentials may also come from a vehicle that was involved in an accident. In this case, the differential may have unseen damage.

REBUILT: Rebuilding is the reconditioning of components by cleaning, inspecting and replacing broken or severely worn parts. Rebuilt component quality can vary widely and many rebuilt products come with only a short term warranty.

REMANUFACTURED: Remanufacturing is to make as closely to new as possible. Components are carefully inspected, checked against original equipment measured specifications for correct dimensional tolerances and precisely remanufactured. Replacement parts are new or requalified to meet exacting standards and tolerances. It’s important to note that later model vehicles are very noise sensitive, so care must be taken when selecting a replacement differential for your application. Used and rebuilt differentials may not take this issue into consideration.

Most JASPER® Remanufactured Differential applications are covered by a 3 Year/100,000 mile (whichever occurs first) nationwide warranty – parts and labor. Ambulance, automotive off-highway use, package delivery, police, snow removal, taxi, tow truck, transit bus or any vehicle over 1 ton receive a warranty of 18 Months or 100,000 Miles, whichever occurs first. You can find a full warranty disclosure and additional warranty information on this website.

There are several ways in which you can get a price of a JASPER differential. The first choice is to speak about pricing information with the automotive technician that services your vehicle. If you do not have a service facility that you work with on a regular basis, you can find an Installer of JASPER products near you by using our Installer Locator. JASPER also offers an online catalog with pricing information for most applications. Lastly, we have a courteous and friendly Sales Department that will provide pricing and any additional information that you may need. You can reach our Sales Department by calling 800-827-7455.

If you are an installation facility, fleet or other commercial user, you can contact our Sales Department at 800-827-7455. If you are a vehicle owner, you can purchase a JASPER remanufactured differential from the automotive service facility that you frequent on a regular basis. If you don’t have a service facility that you work with, you can find a JASPER installer near you by using our convenient Installer Locator.

You can find a JASPER installer near you through with our Installer Locator – simply type in your Zip Code and search distance. You can refine your search by selecting various distances.

The gear ratio can often be determined from the vehicle’s VIN code. Some manufacturers, however, may not include that information in the VIN. The ratio can also determined by dividing the number of teeth on the ring gear by the number of teeth on the pinion gear.

With a standard or open differential, the differential will send power to the wheel that is experiencing the least resistance when encountering loose gravel or ice, for example. A limited slip differential, however, will transmit more power to the wheel that is not spinning. Many people use the term PosiTraction for a limited slip differential.

JASPER has immediate or very fast turnaround on over 500 ratios and applications so chances are good that we have a remanufactured differential for your vehicle application. JASPER remanufactures practically any differential for cars, trucks, vans and SUVs, and for a number of foreign applications as well.

We have most popular applications in stock so we can normally have the differential at your installer’s location within a day or two. If we have to build a differential for your particular application, we can generally have it within a week. JASPER has over 50 branch locations and two distribution centers throughout the country to provide fast and ready availability to get you back on the road fast.

All JASPER remanufactured differentials have a core and skid charge that is billed at the time of sale. When the core is returned, a JASPER Associate will review it and determine the amount to be credited back to the customer’s account. The core that is returned to us must be a like-for-like Make, Model and Type, but not a junkyard core. Cores must be returned drained of all fluids and oil, assembled and attached to the same undamaged skid or container with which your remanufactured differential was shipped. Cores must be returned within 30 days of the delivery date in order to receive credit. The full core credit will be given unless certain damages and exceptions noted in our core policy are found.

The core policy on our reman differentials varies according to a number of parameters. It is best to speak to one of our sales representatives for information as it relates to your specific application.

Most of our differentials will ship freight free, via our company owned over-the-road fleet, to one of our branch locations. Differentials are then delivered to one of our installers in your area. There are times when freight charges may apply. One of our Sales Representatives can provide specific information. Please call 800-827-7455.

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