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JASPER® remanufactured GM 3.6L GDI engines are built to meet or exceed OEM measured standards and have a 3 year/100,000 mile nationwide, transferable parts and labor warranty.  Click here for complete warranty information.  Our 3.6L GDI is a completely remanufactured engine with new wear parts, exacting tolerances, and live-run tested reliability.

The 3.6L GDI engine is commonly used in popular applications such as, Chevrolet: Traverse, Equinox, Camaro, Impala, and Caprice – Police Applications; Cadillac: CTS, SRX, STS, ATS; as well as Buick LaCrosse.

The original 3.6L GDI engine is susceptible to issues that include: oil consumption, dry start-up, piston scuffing, cylinder bore wear, head gasket failure and leaks, camshaft noise, VVT failure, low oil pressure/knocking, valve guide wear, spun reluctor wheel/timing, fuel leaks, and runability.

JASPER remanufacturing advances include:

  • Stronger forged aluminum JASPER-engineered pistons with a smooth, fully-machined, anodized crown, which provides a thermal barrier and reduces carbon buildup.
  • JASPER-engineered pistons include additional oil return holes (14 total).  This increases oil drain back by 250%, or greater, to reduce oil consumption and prevent oil rings from sticking.
  • JASPER installs a robust two-piece 2.0mm oil ring for improved oil control.  OE uses a thinner, 1.5mm, three-piece design on LFX models.
  • Top ring land is profiled to prevent scuffing at higher temperatures.
  • An additional accumulator groove is machined into the piston which decreases the pressure between the 1st and 2nd ring land and prevents the upper (compression) ring from unsealing at higher RPMs.
  • JASPER supplies an updated valve cover gasket in our JR set to assist in proper PCV operation and to help prevent oil consumption.
  • 100% torque-plate honing of the engine block, utilizing a torque plate and specially-designed Grade 10 ARP head bolts.  This provides a cylinder wall geometry that matches the cylinder head as a complete running assembly, for improved ring sealing.
  • JASPER-engineered pistons have a wider graphite coated skirt than OE to help prevent dry startup and piston scuffing.
  • An improved piston skirt profile provides greater stability in the cylinder bore, reducing wear, and providing better ring sealing.
  • JASPER’s piston has a 40% wider piston pin surface area than the original design to improve durability and promote scuff resistance.
  • 100% installation of a set screw on the reluctor wheel, which prevents it from spinning on the crankshaft, eliminating timing/runability issues, or even crankshaft damage.
  • Chrome nitrided steel top rings are installed for improved durability, heat resistance, and reduced cylinder wall wear.
  • Thicker, fluoroelastomer polymer (FPM) coated Multi-layer Steel (MLS) head gaskets are installed to ensure superior protection against gasket leakage. Our gasket is more robust to maintain the correct compression ratio.
  • 100% installation of NEW head bolts to ensure even clamp load.
  • Block and heads are resurfaced to a 50-150 Rz finish.
  • 100% installation of NEW camshaft thrust washers, which prevents camshaft endplay and noise on early-design heads.
  • Crankshafts are machined and micro polished to exact tolerances for improved bearing oil clearance and reduced wear.
  • 100% installation of NEW nitrided valves for improved heat resistance and reduced valve guide wear.
  • 100% live-run tested to verify proper compression, vacuum, and oil pressure.
  • 100% tested intake and exhaust cam actuators, to verify proper performance.
  • 100% black light leak tested, to ensure the unit is leak free.
  • JASPER includes a fuel injection kit, which includes fuel line(s), injector seals, and a high pressure fuel sensor (on the LLT applications), this prevents fuel spray leaks that can potentially lead to a fire hazard. (PTFE Seal Installation/ Sizing Tool sold separately.)

Please view our GM 3.6 GDI product information below to learn more about some of the quality processes we perform to this engine family.

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Check out our online catalog for pricing on a JASPER remanufactured 3.6L GDI engine for your car or truck. Most applications of the JASPER 3.6L GDI engine are available immediately through our large distribution network across the U.S. This means you can be up and running again quickly and reliably. So, as soon as you get a price from our online catalog, just click on the Find an Installer icon to find the installer closest to you.

Full warranty disclosure available on our website or upon request. Specifications subject to change without notice.

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