Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep 3.6L Pentastar

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Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep 3.6L Pentastar

The engine remanufacturing process at JASPER is characterized by a comprehensive approach aimed at enhancing engine performance and durability. Key improvements include the complete replacement of early-style cylinder head valve seats with copper-infiltrated seats and new nitrided valves, offering better heat dissipation and wear resistance to prevent engine misfires. Additionally, valve guides are meticulously air-gauge tested to ensure proper clearance. The installation of new late-design rockers and cam followers extends the longevity of the bearing assembly and the rocker mechanism.

To fortify the engine block, JASPER incorporates specially designed pins that lock the cylinders together under heavy loads, preventing cylinder movement that could lead to head gasket issues. High-strength Class 12.9 rod bolts are installed to prevent stretching, reducing the risk of rod bearing failure. JASPER-engineered pistons feature graphite-coated skirts, increased thrust bearing area, and a smooth, anodized crown for improved oil control, reduced carbon buildup, and enhanced durability.

Moreover, JASPER’s piston design includes additional oil return holes to reduce oil consumption and prevent oil ring sticking. A robust two-piece 2.0mm oil ring improves oil control, while a piston groove decreases pressure between the first and second rings at higher RPMs. These pistons also offer greater pin bearing surface area to enhance stability and prevent piston slap.

To ensure a reliable seal and maintain the correct compression ratio, thicker D-shaped PTFE-coated Multi-Layer Steel head gaskets are installed with new head bolts. The engine block undergoes CNC machining to allow for the installation of steel-threaded inserts for head bolts, increasing strength compared to the original aluminum design.

JASPER also pays close attention to the oil system, installing a new engine oil cooler, along with oil temperature and pressure sensors, knock sensors, and adapter harness for ease of installation. The remanufactured oil pumps undergo rigorous testing on specialized equipment to measure oil pressure and flow throughout their operational range.

To guarantee overall reliability, JASPER conducts live-run testing, utilizing data acquisition and various assessments to evaluate compression, vacuum, oil pressure, actuator performance, and leak testing under blacklight conditions. This meticulous approach ensures that JASPER’s remanufactured engines meet high standards of performance and durability, providing customers with dependable and long-lasting solutions.

Issues / Concern:

100% installation of NEW late-design rockers/cam followers, improving longevity of the bearing assembly in the rocker.

100% replacement of early-style cylinder head valve seats with copper infiltrated seats for improved heat dissipation and reduced wear.

100% installation of NEW nitrided valves for improved heat resistance and reduced valve guide wear.

100% installation of high-strength, Class 12.9 rod bolts to eliminate stretching, which can lead to bearing failure.

JASPER-designed piston with graphite coating helps prevent dry start-up and piston scuffing.

JASPER-designed pistons include 28% more major thrust bearing area to prevent dry start-up and piston scuffing.

Stronger JASPER-engineered pistons have a smooth, fully-machined, anodized crown that provides a thermal barrier and reduces carbon buildup.

JASPER’s piston design includes additional oil return holes (12 total) for increased oil drain back, to reduce oil consumption and prevent the oil rings from sticking.

JASPER installs a robust, two-piece 2.0mm oil ring for improved oil control.

JASPER piston rings include a steel top ring that has a PVD and DLC coating for longevity and less friction.

Additional accumulator groove is machined into the piston to decrease the pressure between the first and second ring land, preventing the upper (compression) ring from unseating at higher RPMs.

100% installation of synthetic, rubber-based PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) valve stem seals.

100% torque plate honing of engine block, utilizing a torque plate and specially-designed, ARP2000® bolts, provides cylinder wall geometry that matches the cylinder head as a complete running assembly, for improved ring sealing.

JASPER-designed pistons include 20% more pin bearing area for better stability.

Installation of JASPER-designed pins in the block, which lock the cylinders together under heavy load. This prevents the cylinders from moving, which can lead to head gasket scuffing, a common cause of failure.

Block is CNC machined for 100% installation of steel threaded inserts for head bolts, increasing strength over the original aluminum design that pull out.

Upgraded D-shaped head gaskets increase fire ring pressure for improved sealing under heavy use.

JASPER installs a thicker, PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) coated MLS (Multilayer steel) head gasket.

Block and heads are resurfaced to a 50–150 Rz finish.

100% installation of NEW engine oil cooler, and for ease of installation, assembly includes: oil temperature sensor, oil pressure sensor, knock sensor, and adapter harness.

100% of the Chrysler 3.6L remanufactured oil pumps are tested on state-of-the-art, JASPER designed, stand-alone oil pump testing equipment. Oil pressure and flow are measured with solenoid on and off throughout a full RPM sweep of the remanufacture oil pump operating range.

VVT’s are hydraulically tested using a state-of-the-art oil-controlled, test stand.

100% live-run tested to verify proper compression, vacuum, and oil pressure.

100% tested intake and exhaust cam actuators to verify proper performance.

100% black light leak tested to ensure the unit is leak-free.

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Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep 3.6L Pentastar​ Engines Updates

JASPER upgrades Chrysler 3.6L Pentastar engines with improved parts such as nitrided valves, copper-infiltrated valve seats, and JASPER designed pistons with robust rings for increased durability.

JASPER 100% replaces the early-style cylinder head valve seats with copper-infiltrated seats to improve heat dissipation and reduce wear.

JASPER provides 100% installation of a NEW engine oil cooler and includes: oil temperature sensor, oil pressure sensor, knock sensor and adapter harness.

JASPER Engines undergo Live-Run Testing using state-of-the-art Data Acquisition to check compression, vacuum and oil pressure with other assessments to ensure reliability.

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