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Our Process

JASPER® can offer this beefy warranty on our remanufactured automatic and standard transmissions because every one of them goes through our extensive “Do It Right” process that ensures worry-free operation. Please visit our warranty page for complete coverage information on our transmissions and extensive line of quality remanufactured engines, differentials and more. Our optional Premium Service Plan provides allowances for such items as towing, car rental, fluids and premium labor should a problem arise. Click here for details and limitations.

Every JASPER reman transmission is thoroughly disassembled then cleaned to remove contaminants that result in premature wear to gears, bearings, shafts and other precision components like the valve body. Transmission cleaning includes individual component hand washing. Parts are carefully inspected and bushing surfaces are polished to a microfinish for extended bushing life.

As transmission technology advances, the need to maintain exacting tolerances becomes increasingly important. JASPER’s thorough inspection and precise machining processes are critical to assure proper operating pressures and provide for a long service life from your JASPER Remanufactured Transmission. Examples of JASPER’s machining processes include:

  • Case and valve body resurfacing along with profilometer inspection of shaft finish that enable JASPER to maintain exact standards and precise tolerances in all phases of transmission remanufacturing.
  • The front pump and gears are carefully gauged and, if exact tolerances are not met, machined to assure they meet our high standards and precise operation.
  • Updates to specific transmissions such as the 5R110 for which JASPER installs a machine-in-place bushing in the pump housing to provide correct alignment between the pump housing and converter hub.​

Torque converters are cut open to allow for thorough cleaning, accurate inspection and the replacement of washers, spacers, springs, rollers, and a new or re-lined lock-up clutch piston as applicable. Turbine fins are inspected and retightened and welded on specific applications. Hubs are carefully inspected and replaced. Converters are pressure tested then dynamically balanced to eliminate vibration that could cause noise, leaks or transmission damage.

Valve bodies are disassembled, cleaned and remanufactured by skilled technicians. All components of the valve body are inspected for wear and the valve body is resurfaced for correct mating and sealing with the transmission case.

Valve bodies are tested on an Answermatic test unit which simulates actual vehicle operation. Vehicle speed and driver demand are varied hydraulically. The Answermatic quickly locates cracks and imperfections and verifies accurate shift points.

Transmission performance is pre-inspected at the assembly station to assure correct operation before additional assembly and testing is performed. Pressurized fluid and special fixtures are used to test circuit leakage.

JASPER remanufactured transmissions receive a standard set of new and qualified parts. Our standard parts replacement assures smooth, consistent performance and long unit life. JASPER remanufactured transmissions are assembled by skilled technicians many of whom are ASE Certified and who specialize in particular models or families.

Every JASPER domestic automatic reman transmission is dynamometer tested with recorded inspections to shift patterns and shift pressures. A stall test, fluid leak test, lockup test (as applicable) and park test are performed. Tests are made at varying RPM’s and at full and closed throttle positions. Standard transmissions are tested at the work station for proper gear engagement as well as for gear and bearing noise and proper engagement of the shift rails into the detents.

Consistent quality is maintained through a continuous training program of ASE technicians backed with statistical process control. Technicians are also JASPER Certified to specific transmissions and job functions. Weekly disassembly of a production transmission is also performed. All areas of the transmission are scrutinized for cleanliness, surface finish quality, lubrication, clearance and wear patterns.

JASPER offers immediate availability on most popular remanufactured transmissions. JASPER delivers availability through a large and growing network of branches throughout the country. JASPER quality remanufactured components are available from coast to coast and beyond.

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