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I would like to extend my gratitude and thanks to you, your associates, and your company for your hospitality during your factory tour. It gives me great pleasure to have been invited to join your family of associates for a day touring both your Indiana facilities.

I gained not only a huge amount of knowledge from your tour about some of the processes and attention to detail that your company has value added to your product, but also an additional amount of respect for the commitment your company has to product quality, employees, community, and of course your customers.

I have been in business myself for over 30 years. I have always strived for similar commitments as Jasper, however on a different scale. I must also commend the commitment, ingenuity, and resolve to keep a huge operation running with the efficiencies that are evident in every aspect of your operations.

I totally enjoyed myself, and brought back with me more than I expected and would have ever hoped for. It is a great pleasure doing business with Jasper and its family of associates.


Daniel J. Bussinger
Plymouth Fleet


I don't do business with Jasper because the quality of their parts is second to none, or that they always say yes to my requests or that they give me free stuff. I do business with Jasper because they are good people. They work hard. They call me back. They do what they say and when they make a mistake or don't deliver what they said, they call me and tell me. From the folks who take in the cores and disassemble them to the delivery truck driver, each and everyone we've met over the last few years, acts like the kind of person who clearly knows right from wrong and has our best interests in front of their own.

As a shop owner and media personality for the last 30 some years, I can tell what the administration of a repair shop is like, by reading their response to a written complaint I've been asked to arbitrate. As Sister Mary used to say in Catholic school, "if the top is rotten, so is the bottom." Or "If the bottom is rotten, it is because the top is too.". Most of us can identify with that.

So because we interface with only the mid and lower levels of Jasper staff, I can promise that the top is fair, ethical and honorable and those ideals, those processes, those skills filter all the way to the bottom.

Yea, I like what Jasper produces, that makes us look good to our Customers, but I do business with them, because of their staff, their employees are simply better than the others.

Mark Salem
Salem Boys Auto
Tempe, AZ 85284


We here at Dura-Bilt/Sonora Transmissions would like to take the time to thank you for your commitment to excellence, and as Jasper calls it the "Perfect Product".

It is truly refreshing to do business with a company that stands by their word to deliver a quality product with a GREAT one hundred thousand mile warranty, on time, when promised. The commitment to customer satisfaction is unsurpassed.

We look forward to continued success with Jasper Engines & Transmissions.

To other companies that are looking to improve their bottom line also, consider these facts.

1. Fast, friendly and very knowledgable customer service.
2. Up to date product modifications and upgrades (better than OE).
3. Transmissions that have been dyno tested before shipment.
4. A company that has the tools to help you grow and remain profitable.
5. Nationwide warranty that is designed to be CUSTOMER friendly.
6. Technical updates for faster, easier installation.

Thank You,

Dura-Bilt/Sonora Transmissions


Hello to all at Jasper Engines,

Sorry it took so long to send this to you, now that I have retired from full time work in the transit operations, after 47 years of working with heavy duty trucks and city buses, being my last stop along the way at CARTA Chattanooga, Tenn. I have many people to thank for making my journey a very good one. I have seen many changes come and go along the way. I have depended on Jasper for heavy duty truck, bus transmission and rear end rebuilds for many years. I can say that I have never seen any defects in workmanship on any work they have done for me. Jasper was very dependable in these items, B 400R, 4R100, Dana 60,70 series, 6V92TT.

The factory tour was great, wish it was longer, talked to many factory associates while I was there, they were the best, you have a wonderful group of caring people, no wonder you have great products to offer. Your products would rank the best. Your Plants are the cleanest I have ever seen. Housekeeping is 100%. All people that do any kind of work in the Auto, Truck, Bus related fields should come to your plants to see first hand, on what a good product you have to offer.

The Plane ride was the best, the pilot was super, very nice. I would like to thank all for your help in making my job one of the best. I will never forget the journey.

Many thanks to Gayla Steffe a very fine lady. Thanks to Dave Ernst, a person I could depend on to answer all of my many questions. Thanks to Charles Wilson, Jason Ragsdale for all of their special input and treatment on my many questions.

At a local level, Scott Rogers is one of the finest persons I have ever met. He cares 100%, he was always there when I had any questions. The shipping on any item was the best. When I called Scott or Ken Cozart at your Chattanooga, Tenn. location it was a done deal. I could forget about it because I knew it would be handled and be complete. My hat is off to Scott, he done one heck of a job for me. The photo is for Dave Ernst. Would you please see that he gets it, as this is my hobby. I am a rail car owner and operator.

I would like to come back to you plants soon if I could. You may post this and use this any way you like. It would be great to work for Jasper Engine.

To the finest people at Jasper Engine,

Thank You,

John Moser


There is nothing better than selling a product I know is top notch. When I sell a JASPER product the customer is best served in value and quality. Thanks JASPER for the attention to detail and the unrivaled customer service. Both of these create a sale time and time again.

Bryan Kelley

Valley Automotive Electric


1964 Pontiac LeMans Convertible Survives

"Older IS better," said 73 year old Malka Kornblatt of Boca Raton as she prepares to bring her 1964 Pontiac LeMans Convertible home after its successful heart transplant.

"My 326 horsepower pride and joy collapsed on July 17th due to a heart valve rupture which severed a piston, probably caused by long time use of mediocre octane fuel devoid of good old lead." she said. The collapse occurred as it hit its 265,367.2 mile!

"Getting a "new" 43 year old engine was not easy," Kornblatt said, "but love knows no end."

It was Jasper Engines in Jasper Indiana and "Dr." Jack Clymer who, after searching fruitlessly coast to coast for over two months, finally and miraculously located a 1964, 326 Pontiac engine in Las Vegas, Nevada and who then had it re-manufactured and shipped overnight express to Coastal Tire in Boca Raton for transplant.

Coastal Tire surgical team led by "Drs." Bob Fuerstenau, Gerald Newcomb and Jason Faulk and assisted by nurse Jean Mockler successfully completed the operation involving not only the transplant of the new-old engine but also the re-connecting of its re-built transmission, distributor, carburetor, power steering, fuel pump, brakes, radiator and thousands of nuts, bolts and hoses.

"I am not the only one who loves my beautiful car," said Kornblatt, "the folks at Coastal Tire, Jasper Engines, and everyone else who sees me around town loves the beauty of the good old days. I am grateful to everyone who has seen me these past three and a half months and the first thing they say is "how's your car!" And not a day has gone by when my car was running that someone didn't yell, "how much do you want for it!" "My answer back is always, it's priceless," she said.

"Now I'm so excited to have my car back, I hope I don't have a heart attack." Kornblatt said.


Hi, Just wanted to share my experience with your product. I had a Jasper engine and transmission installed in my 1989 Chrysler Le Baron. Within two months of installation my son and I put your product to an extreme test by driving from Chattanooga, Tennessee to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska and then back home via California in only three weeks time. Your engine and transmission performed flawlessly whether operating in the snows of Antiqa Pass (with its 12% grade) or in the deserts of California, Nevada, and Utah. We went from sea level to several thousand feet in elevation without using a drop of oil or experiencing any problems during the almost 11,000 miles we traveled. All I did was change the oil and filter every 3 or 4 thousand miles (depending on how handy a service center was) and changed the air filter.

I bought your product because of the good experience I had with my 1970 Camaro's Jasper engine. Instead of buying a new car I saved thousands of dollars which could be used on such things as trips to Alaska. I'm hoping to repeat the drive to Alaska in the next few years but this time take the Camaro.

Once again, thank you for a wonderful product.

Steve Little


We at J.R.'s Auto Clinic now have a better understanding of what goes into your finished products, and for us there will be no other.

Thank You
Donald E. Merrill, Sr., Owner
J.R.'s Auto Clinic, Inc., Cape Coral, FL


This is a note to tell you guys how great you are!

I drive a 1991 Pontiac Firebird here in Memphis, Tennessee. I had an engine installed that I bought from ya'll back in April of 2001. I've been driving my car EVERYDAY since then. It's a 3.1 V6 that runs like I just drove it off the showroom floor. I've got 240,357 miles on the car now... 113,507 on your engine. Most of the miles are city, but I do take a few road trips when I can. I keep the oil changed, just one set of plugs and wires, and I couldn't be more pleased with the way it runs. It never "misses" or gives me trouble whatsoever. The best part is out on the open road... 70, 80, 90 is a smooth as a Cadillac. I guess I just wanted to tell ya'll that you're pretty good at your jobs. I'm getting a new paint job, and some new upholstery 'cause I really enjoy my ride... Gonna' keep it until it hits 500,000 on the odometer (or longer).

Jasper Rules!!!


I was amazed by the technology involved in the plants. A star note goes to cleanliness, I still have wonderment on how your people keep the shop areas so clean. We work on this in my shop all the time and we don't compare to your plants.

It is great news to have a business that takes such pride in building engines and transmissions the way you do!

Miller Breese
Advanced Automotive


In 40 years of being a mechanic, fleet manager, and District Manager for Heritage Propane I have never had a good experience with a rebuilder until now. WOW, what a team! I envy you having so many competent people working for you. After this experience you have all of my business.

R.W. Kidel
New Mexico Propane


We wanted to thank you for letting us participate in such a wonderful tour of your factories. The plane flight, food, facilities, and people were all enjoyed. You have definitely completed your goal of showing us your remanufacturing procedures firsthand.

For a company to spend the money and effort on showing us "how you do it", anyone can see that you are doing your absolute best to produce the perfect product. Seeing the factories has definitely given us the extra confidence to help make a Jasper product sale.

Thank you again. As long as you are holding your standards this high, we will continue to make your product our first option for customers.

Brad Hylton
Ron Wirth
Tru Tech Automotive, Inc.


I want to express my appreciation to you and all the Jasper associates who participated in giving their time in making last Friday's tour of your facilities a success for me.

The entire operation at both locations is first class in all respects. As a new employee of Douglas Automotive and to the auto repair business, I can see how little I really know about today's automotive industry. Having assembled (a very loose term) a few small block Chevy engines for personal projects almost 30 years ago, I thought I knew something of the process---an incorrect assumption on my part! Having seen how the drive train components are remanufactured, in some instances better than O.E.M.'s did originally, has provided a tremendous appreciation of the quality behind the Jasper name.

The associates I spoke with share your enthusiasm of total customer focus---I came away knowing the sense of pride each person showed in doing their respective job, from a lady I spoke with cleaning the employee cafeteria in Crawford to Ed Zoglman in customer service...all had a positive, "can do" attitude about them!

Thank you again for the hospitality and courtesy extended to our group during the visit and I look forward to a continued, profitable business partnership between Jasper Engines and Douglas Automotive.

Pat Moody
Service Advisor
Douglas Automotive, Crystal Lake, IL


I recently completed a tour of your facility in Jasper and just wanted you to know how impressed I was with your operation and more importantly your team. I want to thank you for spending time with me and answering all of my questions. I have been studying the principles of continuous improvement and was amazed by some of your results. Some of the improvements that you have made have given me ideas for my own operation. I would very much enjoy seeing your facility in a few years to see how it has progressed.

I realize that the changes you are implementing are the direct result of the input from your people. I know that any organization is only as good as its folks and judging by the high caliber people I met, I can clearly understand why Jasper Engines & Transmissions is a first class operation!

Jeffrey S. Woodall
Auto Plus Inc.


Hello Jasper Team,
Just wanted to drop a note letting you know how much of an enjoyment it to do business with a company such as yours. Everyone from your inside sales to your area sales rep, Troy Pourciau are very knowlegable and professional every time we come in contact.

Thanks again for the unmatched service and keep up the GREAT Work !!

T.J. Kennedy
Richards Honda Staff
Baton Rouge, LA


I am writing to let you know how happy we have been since we started using JASPER at the beginning of year. We have installed a number of your engines and transmissions and have found your product to be of the highest quality available to us as an independent auto repair shop in the Houston Metro area.

Scooter Owens
Jones Auto & Marine
Houston, TX


Hello, I had a JASPER engine put in my son’s Wagoneer (AMC Jeep 360) and I think the feeling of dependability of a new engine is super. Knowing my son’s Jeep is reliable.

Stephen Langone
Lorton, VA


Just wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks. My staff and I thoroughly enjoyed the tours of your facilities last week. I believe that the trip will help facilitate a shift in our "engine mentality." Engine replacement has been a service that we have avoided in the past. The confidence that my service advisors now have in your product will make their sale tasks easier and also more frequent.

Lynn Atwood
Beckwith’s Auto Repair
Humble, TX


This impressive tour really shows me JASPER’s old-fashioned values of quality work, positive work environment and treating customers #1 really is the bedrock foundation of a successful business.

Roger Larson
Northland Diesel Service, INC.
Bellingham, WA


Your facilities show tremendous high quality in workmanship. I was impressed with the number of people with ASE certifications. Also your compassion and support to your employees has given me a better outlook on my employees.

Walter Krumm, Jr.
Walt’s Brake
Ocala, FL


As an auto repair technician and business owner, I have learned that quality parts are always in my company's best interest. Sometimes this lesson has been both painful and expensive. JASPER engines and transmissions are the only components I offer to my customers. The commitment to excellence and perfection of the final product is without question. This gives me great confidence when selling the JASPER product line to my clients, friends and family. Also, I chose to install a JASPER engine and transmission in my personal vehicle over all other manufacturers. I neither asked for, nor received any discounts, but instead based my decision on quality of product and warranty of product. In my personal opinion, JASPER is the only way to go for quality drivetrain components.

Ricky Eakins
Wrench Connection
Orlando, FL


I would like to say how pleased we are to have JASPER as more than a vendor but as a company we can depend on.

Donnie Braun
Donnie Braun & Sons Auto Repair, Inc.
Jefferson City, MO


Many times in business we are so busy worrying about our own business we forget to tell people they are doing a good job. We at E & J Auto Repair would just like to tell you folks at JASPER that we appreciate the job you do for us. We always tell our sales representative, Mark Derrick, how much we appreciate the professional way that JASPER conducts business. We are very pleased with both Mark and the service the Knoxville branch give us. When we call our orders in, we always try to talk to Janie Schnuck at ext. 2088 because she always has a positive attitude and gives us great service.

It is because of these people and the quality product you provide that makes JASPER the only supplier of remanufactured engines and transmissions for us.


Emil Prisco
E & J Auto Repair
Rogersville, TN


On behalf of Florida Hospital Automotive Service, we wish to express our sincerest appreciation for the continued good service that you have provided. It is because of the quality of the service we receive from you and the fine products provided by JASPER Engines that enables us to maintain our own internal customers with efficiency and integrity.

Thank you for helping to make the Auto Shop a success.

Don Weddle
Auto Shop Supervisor
Florida Hospital
Orlando, FL


With a fleet of over 450 vehicles and a company that relies heavily on those vehicles to be running daily, the maintenance supervisor has the great task of finding and using the highest quality parts.

For about the past ten years, I have been using JASPER Engines and Transmissions with very minimal problems.

The staff at JASPER has always been very helpful and knowledgeable whether it be product information, warranty or technical advice.

I have been taking care of the fleet for Florida Pest Control for over 19 years, and JASPER is by far the best we have ever used-and that makes my job a lot easier!

Richard Feagle
Vehicle Shop Manager
Florida Pest Control & Chemical Co.
Gainesville, FL


I would like to take this time to thank you for your excellent service in taking care of our remanufactured engine needs. Your product knowledge and commitment to providing our company with quality products has made the choice to use JASPER Engines an easy one. I look forward to continuing our company's relationship in fulfilling our engine needs.

Bill Lally
Transportation Manager
Interstate Brands Corporation
Merita Division
Orlando, FL


I can personally recommend JASPER Engines as the ONLY source for engines and transmissions for no hassle and quality products.

Kenneth H. Davis
Ken Davis Auto Repair, Inc.
Ocala, FL


This is the part I found interesting about your operation. When I toured your factory, it was like you had been through the same program on which I am currently working. Seeing and reading the posters related to Steven Covey's Seven Habits caught my attention. I became interested in the way you do business rather than your manufacturing procedures. I also became interested in how your people were treated, your business policies, and the decision-making techniques. Of the little I saw, I was very impressed. I also believe that any company that has those values will also produce a quality product.

Kenneth P. Lenhart
Lenhart's Service Center
North Huntingdon, PA


We have been using JASPER engines and transmission for about 8 years and find they are the most reliable and highest quality products on the market. The quality, availability, good warranty and customer support are all factors that have led us to choose JASPER over locally rebuilt units and other remanufacturing companies.

When managing a fleet of heavy use vehicles, often called upon in tough conditions, it is extremely important to receive consistent service and quick delivery that we can count on, and JASPER provides this service to NYSEG.

We will continue using JASPER as our supplier of engines and transmissions, and encourage other fleets to do the same.

John Jensen
New York State Electric & Gas
Geneva, NY


I have been purchasing products from JASPER Engines and Transmissions for many years. They are everything they claim to be. You install the product, send it down the road and IT WORKS, no problems, no hassles. The product is the best on the market, and the installation kit is great, it saves time and makes the job a lot easier.

Delivery is either exactly on time or early (wow). Cores are picked up promptly, and the driver does all the work (double wow).

Dave Hence
R. G. Hence & Sons, Inc.
Fayetteville, NY


JASPER has continually shown to us that they produce the highest quality remanufactured engine and transmissions that are available anywhere and this is something that I sincerely believe. When dealing with a job the size and expense of an engine or transmission replacement you want to make sure that it is done right, the first time. With a JASPER unit, you can feel confident that you are doing the job properly.

Lastly, I would just like to say that JASPER is a company that I believe in and one that I think you can feel very comfortable dealing with. From the great customer service to the high quality units they produce, JASPER strives to do things the right way, and that is the type of company that I want to do business with.

Scott A. Strong
Strong Automotive Service, Inc.
Harrisburg, PA


I am very impressed with the process methods you have in place for insuring a quality product. Your Research and Development team impressed me. It is very comforting to know that your company is looking at what it will need to tool up for the new technologies that will soon become the standard and that JASPER will be there to fill the needs of our customers.

Davey Moore
Operations Manager
Triple D Trucking and Repair, Inc.
Portsmouth, VA


Because of downtime and the rush of a busy schedule in a short and fast pace season, I find JASPER a great source that I can rely on.

When a customer has a need for an I/O engine or stern drive, I explain the only choice is JASPER.

Don Coffell
Troy Service Center
Troy, MO


I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the excellent product and services provided by JASPER Engines. We have had zero defects with the products purchased, and the level of technical support is second to none.

We will continue to use JASPER Engines for all of our motor needs in the future.

Skip Dionne
Parts and Service Administrator
Boats N Such Superstores
Orlando, FL


We have done business with JASPER for over 3 years. During that time span we have purchased over $200,000 in product. The majority of our purchases have been on the 6.9 and 7.3 liter International diesel engines. We have had great success using the JASPER product, and the few problems we have had have been handled quickly and efficiently. I would not hesitate to recommend JASPER to anyone and look forward to continuing our relationship with JASPER Engines in the future.

Steve Schoen
Fleet Supervisor
The Philadelphia Inquirer
Philadelphia Daily News
Conshohocken, PA


Upon entering the JASPER plant, I was greeted with such a warm welcome it made me feel as if I was with old friends. The quality of the plant was remarkable, the cleanliness and technology were amazing, and not to mention the class of your employees. The fact there was over a thousand was remarkable in itself. I was especially impressed with the way in which your plant works. I am well aware that it takes hard work and good quality people to make a plant work as well as yours.

David S. Culpepper
Culpepper Radiator Service, Inc.
Portsmouth, VA


We have several reasons for doing business with JASPER Engines & Transmissions.

No. 1: Quality of product, attention to detail and the knowledge that if any updates are in order, these will be in the product.

No. 2: Dealers support from factory, branch and our sales representatives.

No. 3: We are buying from one of the oldest remanufacturing companies in the United States. We know that JASPER supplies the very best remanufactured product available.

Edsel Dotson
Dotson's Garage
Marysville, OH


I have been using JASPER remanufactured products in our fleet with excellent results since 1984. The quality has been excellent and the post-sale service top notch.

Huron School District covers some 38 square miles, much of it rural. Because of such extreme conditions, we need quality drive train replacements delivered on an as-needed basis to reduce downtime. JASPER has provided this service in a timely manner.

We will continue to specify JASPER for all of our drive train needs in the future.

Garry Henry
Master Mechanic
Huron School District
New Boston, MI


We have been using JASPER products since 1983. Over the years we have also tried local rebuilders and have concluded that JASPER has the best quality and value. We now specify JASPER for all of our gas engines, diesel engines, light duty and heavy-duty transmissions and differentials.

JASPER is what I use and recommend.

Bobby Link
Link Automotive
Nashville, TN


Since 1976 we have been serving Burlington County New Jersey for automotive repairs. Our customer base is a loyal one, and over the years I have gotten many referrals from satisfied people. One thing that I have found is a customer wants me to advise them for their vehicle needs. When the need for extensive work such as an engine or transmission faces them, the last thing I want to see them do is spend money foolishly. We are all aware of cheap deals out there, but I have found that cheap is not always the best.

The point of this is when we install an engine the longest time we have the customer's car is one or two days. As for any after install problems, there are none. With JASPER we rarely find any problems. In the very few times that we have needed warranty assistance, JASPER was behind us 100%. When the customer drives the car from our shop, both he and I feel confident that there will be no problems related to the engine or transmission. This is what builds customer confidence.

In closing I would like to thank JASPER Engines and Transmissions for caring enough to make products that not only they stand behind, but I can as well.

Arthur Maugeri
Maugeri Automotive, Inc.
Beverly, NJ


We began using JASPER Engines and Transmissions' products back in 1982 when we purchased an 8V-71 Detroit for a scraper. Since that first purchase, we have installed many of your remanufactured gas and diesel engines as well as transmissions and differentials. We have been very satisfied with your quality as well as your availability. As with any contractor, we have deadlines to meet in order to be profitable. Your company has come through for us time and time again when our equipment went down. We also appreciate your company's technical support in time of need.

We have built a strong relationship with many of our suppliers over the years. We are proud to say none is stronger than our relationship to JASPER Engines and Transmissions, and we thank you.

Larry Presley
Maintenance Supervisor
SK Construction Company
Middletown, OH


Barrett Boat Works, Inc. has always attempted to provide the highest quality products and services to our customers at all times. We have purchased and resold marine engine and stern drive products for more than thirty years, and JASPER Marine has been our exclusive supplier for quality remanufactured engine and stern drive marine products for at least a dozen years.

In our opinion, JASPER has a reputation for quality and reliability. When we receive our engine or stern drive product on our promised delivery date, we have found their products to be nearly flawless in both appearance and performance.

Ultimately, our goal is customer satisfaction. We accomplish this by providing a professional level of customer service, which our customers have come to expect from us. We receive the products and services that help us accomplish our goals from JASPER Marine.

Charles L. Harloff
Service Department Manager
Barrett Boat Works, Inc.
Spring Lake, MI


Dear Mr. Bawel,

I have been working on cars and building engines since I was 14 years old, and am 51 yrs. old and have never seen the workings of a major shop like I did with yours. You should all be proud of what the owner started and you all have continued to improve with on throughout the years. I was truly amazed in just what I saw and how much I learned from your operation. Now, when I sell your products, I will, in depth, and full confidence, explain the complete process and just what JASPER can and will do for the customer down the road in the long run.

Kindest personal regards,
Philip E. D'Angelo
General Manager
Up Front Auto Clinic, Inc.
Binghamton, NY


As an engine and transmission installation specialty shop quality and service to our customers is of great importance. Over the past thirteen years we have purchased units from many suppliers and we can say without a doubt that the products and service provided by JASPER Engines are unparalleled in the industry.

Our customers expect performance and reliability from their vehicles and we feel that JASPER helps us provide this to them through the technological improvements that are incorporated into their finished products.

We have standardized on JASPER products because we believe in them!

Charles T. Kozo-President
Auto Motors of Lehigh Valley Inc.
Whitehall, PA 18052