The Power of Your Story

The Power of Your Story

I recently picked up a book that I was unable to put down. The book grabbed me, and while reading, I realized that this was the perfect read for any automotive aftermarket professional.

The advice in the book resonated with me and I realized how wrong many of us have been as it relates to marketing our businesses. The book is Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller and should be required reading and kept on your desk for reference. Mr. Miller will motivate you to rethink the message you are saying about your business.

When author Miller explained his concept through the Star Wars movies, that is when I really got it. I understood when he said that your customer is the ‘hero’ of the story, not you. It is not about your certifications or your experience, you are there to make the customer the hero in their life.

If this sounds like a stretch to you, please do not discount this, read the book. I know the first ten pages will hook you, and it will change how you market your business. No doubt, we can all use marketing guidance from time to time.

Keep in mind every business has a different audience. Once you know yours, you will be able to communicate with your customer about how you will solve their transportation problems, like safety, reliability, and time.

You will need to paint a picture of how great it will be working with you as their preferred automotive service shop. You will want to tell your story and history of your company so they, the customer, get to know you for who you are and not about your really cheap oil changes. Donald Miller explains that companies tend to sell solutions to external problems, but customers buy solutions to internal problems.

In this unique look at clarifying your message, the author explains that your customers are looking for a guide. That concept, I feel, should ring true for you. You are the person/company that can show them the path to safety and reliability. Being their guide and not their hero will transform your business marketing.

With these principles under your belt, you will change your approach to social media, your website, and how you interact, in person, with your clients.

Action steps to rethink your marketing messages:

1.    Read Donald Millers Book Building a StoryBrand. You can find it on the books page on my website.

2.    Listen to episode 420 with Certified Story Brand Guide Kim Walker HERE.

3. Rethink your marketing. Put the principles of Story Brand to work in your business messaging.

Carm Capriotto
Aftermarket influencer and host of Remarkable Results Radio and the Town Hall Academy Podcasts, where the business of the aftermarket is spoken.

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