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Connect with JASPER is an innovative internship opportunity unlike any typical internship program. This partnership is unique to JASPER and encourages students to be creative and collaborate as a team to gain the most from their experience! The program is designed to develop students in three valuable areas of their life: professionally, personally, and culturally. For this program, JASPER is accepting students who have completed their first year of college, giving priority to children, and grandchildren, of JASPER Associate-Owners.

Connect with JASPER’s Mission Statement is to connect the missing piece between classroom education and the real-life experiences in a workplace through stimulating exercises and engaging activities.

JASPER understands the importance of bridging the gap between education and industry at an early age. This program will do so by challenging students with exceptional learning opportunities to prepare them for future experiences in the classroom and in the workforce.

Connect with JASPER introduces students to the core competencies of our business by gaining hands-on experience in manufacturing and lean management systems. Additionally, students will be educated on the importance of developing life skills at an early age and to prepare them to make better decisions in life, both short-term and long-term.


Learn more about the Connect with JASPER Internship Program by clicking this video link…



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