Crawford is VPP Star Certified

JASPER’s Crawford County remanufacturing facility has earned Star Certification in the Indiana Department of Labor’s Voluntary Protection Program (VPP).

A ceremony, held July 22nd at the Crawford facility, provided an opportunity for Associates, staff and management to showcase their exemplary safety status to state labor officials.

“JASPER has a great safety culture,” said JASPER Safety Director Jason Pieper. “Earning Star Certification is just the foundation for where we want to be in our continuing safety journey.”

VPP, Indiana’s Voluntary Protection Program, was established to recognize and promote safety and health management programs throughout the state.

“You are one of just 59 VPP Star Certified sites in the state of Indiana, and there are over 480,000 employers in the state,” says Beth Gonzalez, VPP Team Leader for the Indiana Department of Labor.

“It’s all about Continuous Improvement,” said Zach Bawel, JASPER President and Chief Operating Officer. “Associates have done a great job submitting safety ideas as part of JASPER’s Continuous Improvement program. We must continue submitting these safety ideas, because the most important thing as Associate-Owners of the company is that our fellow owners go home safely.”

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